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Report a violation of the Rules of Conduct

By [Ankama]WAKFU - ADMINISTRATOR - July 31, 2020, 13:45:28

Good morning everyone,

The moderation team is in charge of ensuring that the game and the forums maintain a friendly atmosphere. To maintain this atmosphere, the moderators have tools at their disposal, but they don't have their eyes everywhere. It may happen that you find yourself in a situation where a player insults, harasses or threatens you; you can request the intervention of a moderator who will act accordingly if necessary.

This thread provides you with all the information you need to correctly report a rule violation.

This applies to any violation of the WAKFU Terms of Use or Rules of Conduct.


How to report an infraction to the rules of conduct in-game?
How do I report an infraction to the rules of conduct on the forums?
How do I contest a sanction?

Thank you and happy gaming!
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How to report an infraction to the rules of conduct in-game?

To report behaviour that goes against the in-game rules, you must take a screenshot and send it to us via Ankabox to a moderator on your server or by creating a ticket on the Ankama Support Site.

Any public denunciation is prohibited on the forums; it is preferable to report via private message or via a ticket to Ankama Support. Any public denunciation noted will be removed and the author may incur sanctions if necessary.

For a screenshot to be processed, it must show the following elements:
  • Behaviour that violates the Code of Conduct or incriminating offences,
  • The information of the offending characters in the chat (command /whois "Character Name" in the chat),
  • The date and time (/time command in the chat).

excl The screenshot must not be modified or resized.

Any addition of relevant information to understand the context of the offence would be a plus.

How to make a screenshot?

There are two possibilities:
  • Via the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard,
    • You'll have to host it to forward it to us. To do so, a tutorial is available: click here.
  • Via the "F12" key directly in game (or the corresponding parameter key in the shortcut settings),
    • Once the key is pressed, your capture will be saved to a file on your computer and its location will be visible in chat.

Please do not send it to multiple moderators.
If you do not receive a response, please re-run another moderator within a reasonable amount of time, approximately 2 to 3 days.

How do I report an infraction to the rules of conduct on the forums?

To report behaviour that violates the Rules on the forums, you can use the dedicated function directly below the offending message.

Although the reasons are not exhaustive, the moderation team will remain tolerant if the reason for your report does not necessarily correspond to the nature of the infraction reported.

Once the incriminating message has been reported, a member of the moderation team will process the request and apply a sanction if necessary.

You can also contact a forum moderator to support your report via an Ankabox private message.

How do I contest a sanction?

First of all, you are invited to reread your exchanges to try to locate and understand the comments that may have led to the sanction.

If you consider that a received sanction is unjustified, you have a recourse to contest it.

excl Any public contestation, whether made in-game or on the forums, may increase your sanction.

To contest your sanction, you must either :
It is necessary to follow these procedures with the Ankama Account that was sanctionned.
Any request submitted via a third party account will be considered null.