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Jellies are the most unbalanced monsters in the game

By RuelGrande - MEMBER - July 18, 2020, 07:41:10

I don't know what the developers of this game were thinking when they created the JELLIES in Bilbiza. These are easily the worst and the most unbalanced enemies I have ever seen in MMO before. When I have tried hours to level my weak characters I have noticed that I am not enjoying the game anymore and I'm definitely not going to buy another booster after my current one ends.

So, what is my problem with the jellies then? Okay lets see what these THINGS can do:
-Heal each other (While annoying not a big problem on its own)
-Give armor to each other (This is pure garbage, healing is already enough)
-Reposition your characters (On top of the ability to move away from the player you give them this?!)
-Teleport (Which means you can't lock them down easily)
Above average resistances (Meaning you need to have different damage type for each jelly, harder to burst them down)

Are there more enemies like this on the higher level areas? Because if so then I'm afraid I don't have a single reason to keep playing this game at this point.

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Well, you forgot the most annoying important point, they spawn little small jelly with similar big one after the big one be defeated. 

By the way, there is similar mobs the Bilbizaboys/girl family, which can heal, swapping, pushing etc too. 

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Its going to be much worst later on if you are already frustrated in jellies. Dungeons with mechanics that punish you for a single mistake and ruining your whole experience or dungeons that require you to make the boss vulnerable through mechanics not explained/experienced with is just going to get much much worst, while hitting like truck on top of it.

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Of all monsters in the level 96-110 range, Jellies are the ones I prefer to fight by far. No annoying gimmick or absurd damage. What the person above me said is true, it's only going to get harder from now on.
You won't burst anything down if you don't target the elemental weakness, and in some cases there will be no weaknesses. Enemies will make themselves invulnerable, push and teleport you around all over the place, reflect damage back at you, come back from the dead, remove half your AP.. you just gotta have a good team to deal with all of that and win.

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one of the reasons why the average player gets bored is that,  absurd, complicated mechanisms, that frustrate you, and if by miracle you win, your reward ?, a drop that gives pain, to hardcore players, who they have invested millions and millions of kamas in sets and sublimations, it will be less complicated, anyway

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To be fair, Ankama not only simplified many mechanics after Zinit's summit, they essentialy have it WRITTEN in the boss and enemy's status page. Pretty much a step-by-step to how you defeat it. Just look at Bulbrute and Blightopard, its much different than, lets say, Kaniloony or Xelorium.

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wow they are super ez creatures to beat.
Here some trrick,
-kill the blue healer jelies first,
-use incure abilities on them,masque is cool class for them
-ypu can prefer sadida;sadida decrease their attack power and sadida can damage them if they heal each other
-stay closer with your allies so they wont reposition you,you can use stabiliz ability ytoo
-use your area attacks mostly on them,use your single attack to steal hp on them
i never imagined someone will hate jellies lol

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You think Jellies are a problem? Wait until you reach Dor'mor.....

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You mention that you have passed hours fighting jellies but have not understood which jelly heals, which gives armor, which uses poison, etc and yet you insist that you wanted to level up your characters..... even if you didn't notice, no one told you that fighting mobs in the open is now an uneffective way to level up? Enironmentals, Guild of Hunters, Bounty Hunt quests, etc are easier and faster ways to level up!

Maybe strategic games are not your thing? or dunno, join a veteran guild so they can offer better advice.

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xD oh boi, You're in for a treat xD There are so many worse things to tackle xD Ye, basically past 100sh all monster families have their gimmicks, and they will rub you in wrong way.

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If you kill a jelly near other jellies the other jellies loose resistances in that element

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