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The state of the game.

By DichozenHrot - MEMBER - July 06, 2020, 11:57:58

Hey guys, long time fan of the game here. Been playing probably since 2013 of 2014 on and off every couple of years.

This game has always been close to my heart not only because it's obviously really good, but also because it has given me fond memories. I heard about Season 4 of the animation coming up as well as the new Osamosa (Expansion?)

However I haven't been playing since 2 or 3 years. The main reason I left the game was because my IRL friend with which I was playing left it and soon after my in-game friends followed. It just felt like people were leaving en masse. I understand that the developers have been merging servers. Is there a big enough active community for the game?
I keep thinking about hopping back in, but I feel like I will just get disappointed and ruin good memories.

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dont back, keep your memories safe

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There will be a server merge soon, untill then it still quite slow

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the merge didnt happen yet. If you like not having an end game, I say come back. If you like reaching end game and not getting screwed over then I say play something else. If you like the feeling of being screwed over for your time and effort, I say come back.

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You get the answers based on where you ask, go try game yourself if you want to know something. I personally enjoy it. Somebody unhappy itself, will throw his opinion no matter the question.

Also you mentioned that you thought game is about to an end back 6 years or so ago, now is 2020, - maybe change your opinion ? 

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LOL ok this sounds salty. 

Okay, I say they are making a lot of changes to TRY and improve the game. Some are really good and some are...well, a lot of people dislike the changes and they might feel "screwed over".

I'll explain a little more. Wakfus making a lot of changes to enchantment, to add more content like adding more levels, adding more dungeons, new areas which sounds great, but for a lot of older players that spent a lot of time and money to reach end game and complete their gear feel "screwed over". I think a lot of people dislike some of the changes, which may result in people quitting. The player base is already kinda small but I think the server merge should help it, but you got to wonder why the player base is so small. Maybe they just dont like this style of game or maybe its something else.

Try it out. Nows a good time with all the changes, but Its not like you can try the new areas out anyways since you're prob not high enough level. 

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People(here, you can see it) keep speaking for others (mystery, - abstract) people, you can't do anything about others so please stop talk for them (you probably want to add some weight to your words, but it doesn't work like this), - let's talk for ourselves only. Yes, you make community thinkin everybody thinks like you, but it's not true. You're 1 person, who posted, - that's it.

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the game is in an okay state . there has been alot of life improvement updates lately . would highly advice checking the game again . currently out of the english server its only remington whos offering a population to make ur experience easier  . phae and nox arent as active  but merge said to happen this year the physical servers of both phae and nox already been moved to remi so  we are pretty sure its 2020  

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Tomorrow a new era of content begins. 215 level. It was a desperate step, because most players are stressed by updating their equipment and because it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a group of people with whom content could be made. only 6 boxxing feel normal in the community. I hope that the social aspect of the game will improve. I love wakfu and as kickstarter has shown, many people on the planet are magnified by this universe. Thank very much to the development team and game designers for the difficult work in java...
But before the system of heroes, next to the dungeons there was a pandemonium of many players wishing to pass it. And there was more variety of in-game activity (for example, arenas). the situation can be corrected by new modes in the battlefields and of course updates for the social aspect of the game. Content is always work, but without the social side, only a small part of people will appreciate this work.
As noted earlier, developers are testing server merging and with each beta test we can see the results.
Is the development team trying to expand team now? I heard that the developer of the dofus team made the battlefields and now this mode is popular.
This is my personal opinion, but I would not advise you to come back if you do not have friends with whom you could play. Before merging the servers and improving the search function of the group (encouraging players to unite rather than play in 6 boxxing) there is no point. You just get tired and want to quit the game again.

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Thank you everyone for the great responses. I haven't been following what the developers have been up to, but even back at the day I remember them making interesting changes. Anyway, as some of you have suggested, I won't be coming back, until at least the servers merge. But reading through your comments and thinking about the game back then made me realize I liked playing it especially for the social aspect. (I never really progressed much past level 100 anyway.) I will probably look for some friends to join me so we can have fun together. If I don't find any I might not even come, but seeing that there are still people passionate about this game I loved when I was a kid made my day a lot better.
Thank you everyone and have fun!

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player : servers not active 

also same  player : tells players not to return 

the only probleme in here is how unself concious some people are 
im kinda both impressed and disapointed on how some  wakfu  players will always work on making their own community worse  


Saylun9|2020-07-06 18:48:25
you generalize. all who advise not to play call the reasons and offer solutions to play with pleasure, for example, to find friends as suggested earlier. you are apparently one of those  6 boxxing who does not see the problem

i acctualy play with people .people  u would probably play with too if u acctualy reach out to them instead of waiting for it to happen 
and what problem are u even talking about  if u play on remington u cant complain . the market is active . theres always people in moon  and in blightos .theres always dozens of people in thristers 
theres dozens of active guilds that can take u in and assist ur experience . and theres a community server that could help u in everything  theres always people asking for dungeon runs in temple 
  while nox and phae are indeed inactive .it is a stretch to say that about remi  and is definity not true    
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you generalize. all who advise not to play call the reasons and offer solutions to play with pleasure, for example, to find friends as suggested earlier. you are apparently one of those  6 boxxing who does not see the problem

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Saylun9|2020-07-06 19:48:25
you generalize. all who advise not to play call the reasons and offer solutions to play with pleasure, for example, to find friends as suggested earlier. you are apparently one of those  6 boxxing who does not see the problem

 how many alt accounts you  got my dude . imagine having to open 18 alt accounts just to use the upvote and downvote to prove your point i guess ? im out if this discussion but this is pathetic  
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