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Returning player needing some information

By Krisnick#4525 - MEMBER - July 03, 2020, 18:04:33

I have not played in a long time. I do know the booster allows me to have 2 other characters along with my main play together. If someone can give me some information it would be much appreciated.

Currently my main is a Cra lvl155 Earth/Fire Aoe build.

1. What are 2 other classes that can help make a good 3 man team with my Cra??

2. Dungeons like Moowolf's Lair are still only playable once a week??

3.I have tried the encyclopedia. However when i type in something like "range". Hoping it would filter and show me all weapons/armor with the range stat. It does not do that at all. It seems as if the filter is bare bones limited when it comes to searching for stats that you want. Are there other websites or  programs to help me search for gear???


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1. A healer/support and a tank.
2. Ultimate Bosses lower than Steelbeak kind of lost its shine. They still give rewards only once per week but now they are locked into competitive mode, meaning your character will use ALS if its real level is too high, making the fight is much harder unless you have booster. Equipments also are not always the absolute top tier in game since new dungeons were released.
3. Encyclopedia is infamous for that and other problems.

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1. I agree with the above post. I strongly suggest panda because;
   a)You can tank enemies pretty much wherever you want thanks to karchamrak
   b)You can position enemies so that your AoE Cra does maximum damage ^.^
As the third character, the choice is not as clear as the second. Eca/Osa might do well.

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google wakfu builder.
very good for testing new builds/choose gears.

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Cra, Panda, Feca

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I dont think so, feca will not be an option next patch.

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I do like the Feca class. Mainly because it can give my Cra extra AP which helps a ton to kill mobs faster. However i did see they will be getting a revamp soon. Even though i recently came back. I know that the Devs are notorious for revamping classes and nerfing things into the ground. So might have to hold off.

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Hey give method wakfu a try, its a fan page very very useful

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