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Endgame difficulty

By EarthMinion - MEMBER - June 29, 2020, 06:08:29

Anyone feel like endgame is so difficult that it is no longer fun or enjoyable? I used to have fun but now it feels like a job that just frustrates me. 

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I get the same "job" vibe from it. Mostly because it's hard to get decent pieces of equipment for 6 characters and keep up with the content without resorting to the few lucrative activities available over and over again. 

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the endgame didnt get harder . the progression of the game isnt Vertical its horizental which means  the endgame content isnt more relevant than low lvl content  . especialy with the  ALS system which 
means the endgame has to be challenging inorder for it  to feel like an acctual progression (content keeps getting harder according to the lvl u unlock it  but it doesnt make the dungeon u nlocked before less relevant )  i just explained why its harder 

now ill tell u my personal advice from someone who realy cares about the community  if the endgame stuff doesnt rub u right . to hell with it drop it and do soemthing else maybe try some other lvl range .and i have to remind u that theres nothing that acctualy pushing u to do said content .ur free u can do whatever  u want . i know people that finished their 200 sets but never did 200 dungeons just cause they enjoy lower lvl more 

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you know people that finished their 200 set but never did 200 dungeons?
So they bought it all, every single piece, they also got it all 4 slotted with the right colors and also sublimations all free or paid in kamas because they didnt do a single dungeon? I doubt anyone just gave them items or sublimations the entire game.

End games not easy at all. the content get hard that you actually need a good team to pass the dungeons.

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For me, end-game content is hard and frustrating especially while using level 185 gear. "New people" who finish Moon quests, really struggle doing badgers and dor'mor, even in S1, because the gap between 170 and 185 gear is really short. On the other hand, when you get to moon and gerbean with 170 gear, you can rush them in S11 without any trouble.

Once you get to level 197 and equip 200 gear, with a proper team and having a defined strategy, then it becomes less of a chore and more of something you get used to do every day.

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Yeah I have a bigger problem with this
171 content has very clear progression. I wouldn't be surprised if you came off of 156 content and went straight to 171 21 stasis.
186 is a huge mastery difference and resistance difference. The difference between being runed for resist and having new gear is huge. Your average boss in 186+ has atleast 200-400k ehp from stasis one. It's quite the hurdle.

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And now, it's even harder with 215 contents.

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endgame being hard is normal. Also everything below the level 200 isn't endgame anymore, endgame now is 200 UB and 215 content. We can call that advanced but it ain't endgame.

If you think endgame is really hard and you stuggling then what i'm recommending you is to focus on your main character. Then with your guild/friends you'll be able to do advanced content with only your main sure but at least you can do it. The more the merrier.

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