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What Happens To Character Slots When Servers Merge?

By Th3LimiT - MEMBER - June 23, 2020, 09:51:45

For example, I have 4 characters in Nox and 6 in Remington. I haven't bought slots for 10 characters, what will happen when servers merge? Will some be deleted or kept in temporary spots?

I'm really hoping I don't have to delete some and that the merge lets us keep those slots we don't technically own until we delete a character and then it's gone. Similar to what GW2 did.

Sorry if this has been asked before, I snooped around a bit and didn't find much on the topic, and thank you for any answers in advance.

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All of your characters will be merged and none of them will get deleted and you can keep playing them.
However, once you delete a character(and your chars exceed the max amount of chars you can have) then it will automatically lock the slot.

I think this is what they'll do.

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I can't speak for the dev team, but I guess the thing will be as follows.

You have your account, you have 5 char slots in one server (regardless if used all of them or not) plus the extra unlocked slots, and 5 char slots in another one plus the extra unlocked slots. This is plain data that is loaded and displayed as a server interface where you choose what char to activate. I don't think they plan to re-write this part to reduce the number of char slots. All the data keeps being there (number of slots, unlocked slots, active chars), only the way to display them would change (in theory, if no nerf is applied).

So, they might have several displays keeping each group according to their old server to choose them like if the servers still existed, or they might re-design it to display them all sorted out with the "flag" of their former server. No need at all to add them all together and crop the number of locked or unlocked char slots.

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