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[NEW DISCORD SERVER]Join a Wakfu discord for everyone. Looking for Ankama opinion

By mrtheremsss - MEMBER - June 12, 2020, 13:29:35

The Wakfu discord server closed years ago because of the time needed to maintain it.
But I think it is really important to have a place for all Wakfu lovers regardless if it is for the game or the serie. With this idea I created a Discord server for everyone, which just opened.

Ankama, I could use your opinion on this project. Also the goal is to update it without taking your time but we can work to make it official and increasse its visibility. Contact me to work on this.

Here is the godlike link:     ( I can't self advertise, so waiting for ankama answers ^^)

Feel free to help to improve the server !

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I'm away from home right now but ill be sure to check the server on Sunday. I like the idea of the community using discord. Shame they haven't fixed pvp still though.

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dude that is good idea count  me in 

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Sounds good, hope it all works out

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There's already a few discord servers run by the comunity like the Remington server, Phaeris server and the Mercenary server (which is mostly empty but still)

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Remington Discord is a nice place to be. I like it there already and it has a solid popularity ^^

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I hear the Remington server, the objective is not to take only the people who likes the game but people who likes Wakfu in general (even though most players are fans but the contrary isn't always true). I give a shot and if this post will remain not responded by Ankama, well I tried. Discord is a place to bring communities together, which is the goal for this one !

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Just join Remington discord server, its a huge community.

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