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Invisible Costume replaced with Invisible Set?

By F4T4L3XC3PTi0N#3676 - MEMBER - June 11, 2020, 05:01:03


I admit, have not played since somewhere between the Nations update and the Sadida Kingdom update, but I'm now getting back into the swing of things and noticed that my Invisible Costume is gone from my inventory and the shop, and in the shop it's been replaced with the 'Invisible Set'..? Was there any sort of compensation for the players that bought the costume at all? Or was it just a figment of my imagination? I tried looking in the changelogs and patch notes, or for any forum post about the change and found nothing. I remember loving the costume cause I liked how the normal Iop class armor looks, and figured it'd be perfect now that there's new character customization features..  Please, tell me it was a thing and that I'm not crazy...

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There is transparent costume. And that invisible set have it's use too.

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transparent costume is still there .  (exists idk about the shop)

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The "transparent costume" and the "invisible set" serve two different purposes:

The "transparent costume" makes one look like a completely default vanilla character of the class, hiding all equipment from view.

The "invisible set" is meant to be used piecemeal with "mimisymbic"s to allow hiding specific items of equipment without necessarily hiding everything.   Example: using the helmet from the "invisible set" with a mimisymbic to allow you to wear your heavily bonus'ed relic or epic helmet without hiding your character's glorious hairdo!   biggrintongue

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Hello F4T4L3XC3PTi0N ,

As Kwai-no-kami and others have mentioned,
both of them are available at the shop and also in game and serves different purposes.

You can find them both by following these links :
Transparent Costume
Invisible Set

Thank you,^^
Your cheerful wodent of the forum,

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Thank you, I could not see the costume in the in-game menu but I see it's there on the website

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