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The biggest downside about 215 level transition

By Mieyeon - MEMBER - June 02, 2020, 15:26:07

When Version 1.68 is released, characters will keep the same level and the same experience percentage at their current level. (NOT the total xp gained) For example, if your character was at level 190 with 35% experience in 1.67, they will be at level 190 with 35% experience in 1.68.

Reduction of the needed XP to go from level 100 to 200 = 38%: from level 100, you level up to level 200 about 1.85 times faster.

Idk how about you guys but i feel scammed with this one and most people dont understand this.

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Hi guys,

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Did you expect level to change? That would be strange
Are you new to MMOs? This sort of thing is quite common.

They are trying to make leveling faster. They could adjust the exp of every single monster which is more time consuming or they could lower the exp required to level.

If the notes where like
Monsters  lvl 1-100 give 50% more exp
and 120-150 give 30% more
and 150-200 give 15% more
or w/e the actual number would look like

Would you still have the same complaint?


Mieyeon|2020-06-02 15:54:06
Are you serious right now ? Can u like read ? What ur saying u like being scammed and would like to work for ur shit again... Ur gonna lose 38% total of ur xp.

I have several characters at 200, and others near there and if I logged in after the update and they where still the same level that they are, no I would not feel scammed lol.
If I logged in and they where suddenly a higher level that would be strange

If you feel like you're being scammed and having to "work for ur shit again" then the game is not for you, a game is supposed to be fun, it should not feel like work. MMOs are grindy by nature and I would only suggest playing them if you enjoy the grind.
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There is a lot of general unrest in all the forums about this right now. This graphic basically shows how much grinded EXP will go to oblivion if they implement it as they have intended without "converting" that red line EXP to the new green line EXP.

For level 199 to level 200 alone, you would have grinded around 7.75 billion. As the new 199 to 200 EXP would be around 2.5 billion, your effort for grinding those 5 billion would go to hell without compensation.

If you check the grinded EXP difference for each 5 levels alone, they are ~8.4 billion grinded EXP difference that would be enough for getting at least 2 additional levels. But you'll get nothing in return now, not even an extra level. It's not that one gets 8 billion EXP just like that, all the invested time grinding would feel like a kick to the nuts.

The lower EXP grinding requirement is a good thing, but the quick way to plainly adjusting the EXP bar to its current percentage is a lazy way to adapt it to the new changes. Any Maths expert can give us a formula to get all the total red-lined EXP, the new green-line EXP, and a conversion from old level to new level? Even if it's just a single extra level gain, they need to work a bit more to adapt this change so the users don't feel once again that they have been putting effort for nothing.
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Thanks, and finally you show the justice, still some may no care the exp in numeric calculation. Every single 1 xp still count! Indeed the red arrow mean the total EXP been waste and lost to may be Shushu's stomach? That is why feel like scammed. 

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But you'll still be at the same point that you were at before the level cap change. Same level, same items, same difficulty of content. The experience number attached just sounds kind of arbitrary at this point.
You don't keep gaining experience at max level, do you? So it makes sense that people wouldn't start past level 200 when the level cap is increased.

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G0dsFailure|2020-06-02 15:48:51
Did you expect level to change? That would be strange

Well, when they raised the profession levels and joined the weapons crafters together you were given extra levels if your combined profession exp for those jobs exceeded the old maximum.

Not doing the same here (awarding exp according to the actual number collected and adjusting level accordingly) is just removing progress players have put into their character.
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Hi guys,

We appreciate your feedback! Kindly continue the discussion here, thank you!