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Level 215 appreciation thread

By Roguery#3239 - MEMBER - June 01, 2020, 21:50:52
Here is topic where we say good things about level 215!

To start, it paves way for more dragon UBs, and we all like dragons. Dragons are cool.
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First Ankama intervention
Hi guys,

We appreciate your feedback! Kindly continue the discussion here, thank you!

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It makes you forget all those materials you need to farm to dress 6 characters to be able to play by yourself
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You realize you are losing billions xp ? 
Just an example
1.67 from 1 to 200 you need 90~ billion xp
1.68 from 1 to 215 you need 85~ billion xp
if 1.68 goes live u will still be 200 level. Don't see anything wrong here ?
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I don't see anything wrong here. After the update I'll still be lvl 200. The only thing different is I can continue leveling, and that folks who aren't lvl  200 will have an easier time getting there then I did. I could not care less that others are leveling faster than me. I actually think it's a good thing because this means there will be more people in my lvl range to play with, and more gear in my lvl range being created, further enriching the market. Leveling is not a competition.
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what you lose:
1. your treasure nerf 
2.your progress (endgame title) nerf 

what you get

1. same difficulty to op gear all your characters  and the same close elite gang  info about decoding mechanics in order to beat the boss at high stasis
2. new content that seem so odd when you see the anime : where is the season 3 expansion will be introduce into game .?..god dungs  and oropo story ?
3.less population because many rage quit because of the fogger kill and some more will be end selling all now and come back in 1-2 years when all ''new'' stuffs are becoming possible for all in terms of kamas ..its call speculation and is a real life fact that makes investors moves treasures around -.-

This upgrade will just help the more powerful in game but for the average player it will be a 10 years game to maybe get maxed ....normal people need study/work and have physical lives .

suggestion :
i suggest they do something similar like dofus when they upgraded 200 lvl ..... omega lvl ... and they gave to already 200 lvls some auto progression based on the activity logs ..... that way more active player will auto lvl to maybe 205 lvl .... also that move will create auto need of new content gears to fullfill the gap .


p.d : i know is impossible because ankama have been and always will be stubborns when playerbase suggest dofus kind of upgrades kolliseum (wich is just a copy paste code and transfer ) and will fill (just a part of it) the pvp broken system in wakfu ) or perceptors  .

... make ankama games have a crypto-digital currency ,that way i will play 24/7 and live in real life ^^
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"god dungs  and oropo story"
God dungeons already exist, Srambad, Enurado and both Xeloriums are in the God's own dimensions. Making the gods themselves as bosses is... kinda DEMEANING to their status as GODS. Unless they are NPCs, thats a little bit better.
Also, Oropo in the game would kinda spoil for those who haven't watched S3 yet.
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if . the 215 cotent will bring lv 215 gear which i highly doubt is gonna happen , its gonna have a weird effect on the endgame gear already present but its not a bad thing realy with the als system every lvl range has its own value .

if the lv 215 content will just bring new content that dont take value from the older content as no new lvl range,s gear then thats the best possible scenario 

anyway if any of those happened we still be getting a new cotent probably an expasion  and new spells and new stuff to do sooooooo cheer up theres no way the 215 is gonna be a bad thing at all . more like some of us will have hard time taggin in in th new progression 

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Excuse me but saying "hey we are increasing level cap to 215 level and decreasing xp per level so time to level up and total xp to 215 will be same as was leveling to 200, and hey you wont be level 215 when update goes live because we think leveling is fun" is not fun. 
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I've never gotten past level 160 because it was a tedious grind. So the level cap increase is kind of moot for me. But I'm glad that they're reducing the amount of XP you need to reach it. Hope they look at pre-level 100 P too~

More content is always good if nothing is lost.
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well said ..if nothing is lost ....

1 full maxed charater build for a damager in 200 lvl now worth 250-600mk average ..... after 1.68 will be auto 125-300mk making all that hard an annoying rng system rage on you and end quit game ....

when you focus on a game like this in being top level then you realize you need also top gears and then you realize is way too much time spend for that you just skip this game ...and the people like me that love the game well normally speak aloud our concerns even if know they dont read this .
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So from what I'm understanding, they're not releasing any content with the 215 level cap. So everyones gear will see no difference in value for another year or so. You still got time...

This announcement would be perfectly fine a year from now. Right now is just a bad time. Wakfu is a grindy game and the Devs seem to forget that. Assuming we're all finished with current stuff that we need more. Only game I've seen do this, most devs are trying to keep up with players <--- Is something to be impressed with.
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From all the amount of hatred on the official LVL 215 announcement post, all i an deduce is that the server population will be reduced drastically, which means less people mining ores (only thing appreciable about this patch).
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I think you underrestimate the amount of people who play the game and just don't give a dang about the lvl cap rising and so don't post about it on the forums
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I say Ankama tries their best, and I like it. Can't wait for enchantment improvements and level to go live. More, it's normal that when game is online for quite a while things goes easier, that's what you expect, - otherwise those who play from day 1 stay on top of the hill forever. 
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Mieyeon|2020-06-01 23:02:17
Whats the point of endless leveling then ? 

the point of lvling is progression and an rpg needs progression to be an rpg . 
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Show me a single rpg game that has endless leveling to prove ur point.
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I prefer Lv215 over more 200 content any day
If it was more 200 content my gear and builds would become obsolete, i have 5 fully fleshed out and enchanted builds for my 1 Sacrier

If more Lv200 content got released instead, some of the gear in those builds would become worthless, an example? Forgotten Belt and Frigost Belt
Theyre basically the same belt, but Frigost Belt has 6% crit
That 1 piece of gear would take hours to grind, and a piece of gear i already had perfected would become really bad, more Lv200 Content would result in the same thing

But with Lv215 that isn't the case! Not only will i be able to use my Lv200 gear to reach Lv215, but my Lv200 gear will now FOREVER be useful in ALS!
Not to mention the Devblog says they will make Lv200 and Lv185 more rewarding!
So i get a jump start into the new content aswell as increased bonus's for content i already know how to do
It's easy mode

Wakfu released Lv200, 5 years ago, its been more than long enough to give us another Level boost.
And to top it off, albeit this is just a theory, but Wakfu works in Level Blocks as much as it does in Level Brackets
170-185 is a Level block, anyone who was around during Moon Meta knows that your final builds back in Moon, the strongest possible 185 sets, had 170 gear pieces, Not all! but definitly a few!
This is the same with 140-155, and 110-125

Again, this is just a THEORY, but its not unreasonable to imagine 200-215 will be the exact same, with your strongest Lv215 builds having Lv200 items on them
This is NOT a downside
And if you hate the update because it involves more levelling? You shouldn't be playing the game anyway, this is how it's always worked since the game's released.
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I feel there must be some systemic problem with Wakfu's approach to content if it's having to increase the level cap to "create space" for new content when Dofus (and countless other MMOs) have had unchanging level caps for many years (the levels past 200 in Dofus are cosmetic). Despite work done to flesh the game out at all level brackets, it seems like an admission that ultimately all there is to do is run on the long (but ultimately finite) gear treadmill.
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Mieyeon|2020-06-02 12:19:42
And you started playing in 2010 ? and stil highest level is 182 lmao.

Yes, so? Going past 180 is slow, especially if you play 17 characters.
I'm glad leveling will be easier now.
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Hi guys,

We appreciate your feedback! Kindly continue the discussion here, thank you!