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Which gear items come with -WP? (Huppermage looking for help)

By LimUnlim - MEMBER - May 20, 2020, 17:37:14

Is there a known list of items that take away wp instead of adding? I'm working on my Huppermage (lvl 136) and I'm looking for gear that takes away WP to lower my overall QB.

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honna ring lv 18 -1wp 
crab eppaulettes lv 65 -1wp 
dark fire embleme lv 95 -1wp 
uhh i forgot the name of it but theres a lv 125 belt with -1wp
lv 155 5 cawat ring -1wp 
170 stalag ring -1wp 
185 another ring also forgot the name -2wp 
lv 200 legano souvenir -1wp 
lv 200 nitey nite boots -1wp 
lv 200 collar of shadows -1wp 
lv 200 laughing ring -1wp 
lv 200 ivory dofus shard 
lv200 feca shield -1wp  

heres a complete list hope it helps 

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Thank you so much! really appreciate the help ^^

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As a non-200 alternative to the ivory dofus shard, I recommend the Fire of Darkness Emblem (Lv 110). You'll probably use it until 200 or for ALS

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