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Earn Cityzen point?

By Keli-Liesin - MEMBER - May 17, 2020, 19:46:07


I have a question.

Does anyone know where I can earn Cityzen point for each nation?

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Perform tasks that would favor your nation.. like correcting the ecosystem in your nation's territory. 

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You need to follow the laws that can earn you citizes points, you can see what laws your nation have in the Politics tab, perfoming the good ones makes you earn then, and the bad ones makes you lose then.
The easiest way to earn a few points is to follow clan member's wishes in the territory of your nation, balancing the ecosystem between the minimum and maximum levels. In general, the nations have the law for accomplishing clan member wishes.

Other ways are defeating outlaws and participating on territory conquest, you can check every law in the Politics tab

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Come on guys. I know how to earn Cityzen point.

I'm asking about specific places that I can easily earn City points.
For example, like Bonta Yurbut, Amakna toad place in the old time.

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"Easy" is quite relative now that the areas can change ownership from one day to another. But among the most common places with screwed ecosystems, you can find the cactus overpopulation at the desert, or the exotics at Calamar Island... but they might belong to any nation now, so it's never a static thing.

Unless you use some "spy" character for each nation, ask some contact from that nation about it to know what areas need a fix (other than your own nation). The rest is checking them and seeing if they have some easy-to-fix problem.

As an alternative way, overplant that area with more mobs than the highest mark limit, and then attack and remove them. Get -10 from the planting a whole mob, gain +10 for each killed member of that mob.

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