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Odd Quest Items

By JackOfSnakes - MEMBER - May 15, 2020, 17:25:37

I have a 197 sacrier on Nox, but I've been interested in the other servers and recently made a character on Remi. The character spawned with the Astrubian Mercenary title, though I have done no mercenary quests on this server, and 3 items I've never seen before. I was hoping someone could tell me what they are or if they have any use. I have photos in case anyone needs to see them here.

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Aren't those from the Huppermage school tasks? Now, no idea how they got there. Maybe using the data from a previously created character in that slot and number that wasn't reseted? No idea.

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oh yeah, I think they are...weird they showed up considering it was my first character on that server and I havent done it yet...anyway, thx for the help!

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