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Market Capacity

By VallenX - MEMBER - May 12, 2020, 12:49:30

We all notice how unhelpful the market can be.
I believe the reason we can't find the resources we search for is because of the low capacity (and how hard the recipes are but that's another story...).
Like, every person can put only 20 items in kelba, why is that?

Is there any alternative way to sell items (direct sell - contracts) like in other similar games? Player-based economy is kinda hard in a low-population game...

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You can sell 20 items per char per character or so many items as your character has levels (up to 200) per char, if you have booster.
If you don't have booster, you can split the selling on different chars to exceed the 20 total.

You can directly trade with people that are on the same place of you too. You can write sell/buy requests on forum or discords for example too and then make the trade with direct trading.

Besides that, you can put stuff for sell in your haven bag market board (with handyman, you can create more of them). If you log out in your haven bag, the haven bag then will stay and people passing by can buy stuff from there, but it happens way more rarely than normal market board, but it has the advantage that you pay tax only once for infinite storage in the board.

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I really think the best approach would be to allow people to basically look up an item (any item) and then click a WTB button or something and allow other people to fulfill orders instead. so all that someone would need to do is click on a button on the window of an item that would take them to the market and they'd be able to see what the highest amount they could potentially get for one. 

If the person selling wants more than what is currently being offered they could then list it as for sale for the amount they would prefer. So you would have two areas for each item: a fulfillment section and a sellers section. 

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I always wished this game had the grand exchange like OSRS or something similar.

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There are several factors, in no special order:

  • Separated market boards: the most used one is from Kelba/Haven World. I've literally never seen as many players checking the Nations market nor Astrub one like the ones you see at Kelba.
  • Losses due to taxes: if you sell a random item from time to time, it's fine to run the risk. But if you plan to sell 100 farmer crops from each tier (for example), then the haven bag is the way to go for a one-time tax payment and unlimited displaying time. If you fail to sell them at the market board the storage taxes will cause more losses than profits. Here we have the market board wider audience VS haven bag safer stock displaying.
  • Lack of supply: this can be due to several reasons. Maybe the item is hard to get, hard to sell, or simply it's not worth the time required to get it and what you get in return by selling it. Or possibly one doesn't have enough time to play and resupply the stock. Real life is a bit time-demanding most of times.

So, better get some display windows and start your own haven bag market.

As I see you are in Remington server, I'll do a bit of shameless promotion of my haven bag market. tongue Check the "Feline Marketplace" haven bag located at Kelba, usually parked behind the market board, on the highest crate, shaped like a cat-tree, and get inside. You'll see how a few display windows (from handyman profession), some devotion to business, hard work to get resources, and a bunch of good-looking deco can make a better market than one limited to 20 slots which eats your savings in taxes.
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