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What's coming on 1.68?

By Happy999 - MEMBER - May 11, 2020, 22:46:25

I'm curious

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First Ankama intervention

See message in context
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There is not a lot of information out there, but one thing which is coming is Feca revamp for 1.68.
From the last Ankama Live stream session.
Other than that there is no other information and well. Will have to wait for more information.

Getting desperate for some sneek peeks or news about what's next as well. wub

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Well they haven't confirmed anything yet but here are things they have announced they are working on:
-Feca revamp
-Passive revamp
-Server merge
-Enchanting rebalance

Here are other plans they announced but probably won't be coming next patch:
-Government rework
-Xelor, Masqueraider, Osamodas rework
-Ecosystem rework (definitely not this year)
-Some PvP thing
-Dungeon mechanics rework

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Lets hope for a feca revamp, as a main feca iam curious  for the new feca. Let me pray here to no not get .... you know too much.

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They said they will have more focus on glyphs and better at supporting

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I read on french forums where ankama staff wrote that they will change something about stasis difficulty.

Edit: Link to a discussion, use google translate or built in chrome translator to read.

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hilarious .... so we have to do the comunity managers job? this is hole players important information . anyways they change all they want without majority be agree so why publish in just 1 forum ? 
dont publish just keep nerfing game and keep punishing players that love your game .
some of us have grown up scince 2006 with ankama but they cant accept mature criticism ? we all player are not kids anymore ., if you listen to your community then publish on every server forum for a brainstorming constructive criticism  and keep going evolving the game in the right way .

best regards 

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This Flatops.

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Yeah, the teasing is so hahaha... 

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Hi guys ...  segregation feels wrong .

if some one can help for an accurate translation could be great and even helps ankama to not just        focus on 5 comments in french because more people could reinforce the speech for the mechanics they want to change ..... we all players have to live with these changes so is not fair just french comments could be analyze from the company in order to make the hole players have fun .

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Welcome to wakfu where the advice of one or two players impacts the rest of us

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Translated comment. :


It is an interesting subject and the fact is that I was planning to raise it soon. Indeed, as some may have heard during the previous Ankama Live, the next Wakfu patch (1.68) will come with changes to the Stasis difficulty system.

We've been thinking about it quite a bit amongst ourselves and we've been looking at how the community approaches the content related to the high Stasis. And we realized that monster damage is increasing too steeply (190% in Stasis 31, 388% in Stasis 50). It is sometimes impossible to survive even the slightest damage spell from a classic monster.

This simple fact makes the use of escape and damage dodge techniques (colloquially known as "kite") too effective and justifiable. We assume their use on an ad hoc basis, but it is not our intention to make them the only viable alternative to Wakfu combat, let alone competitive combat.

We also noticed that many players were trying to conclude the dungeons in record time (the famous T1 meta that I won't introduce). This is partly related to monster damage: a monster that's dead doesn't play, a monster that doesn't play doesn't attack players.

In fact, some modifications are necessary. We will present you in detail when it will be more elaborated and especially when we will be a little more sure of what we have planned.

Nevertheless, I would like to present you our lines of thought (long live transparency!). I'm not saying that everything will be done, and even less that everything will be done like that, but at least we can discuss the overall idea together.

Once again:  WIP AHEAD

Characteristics of monsters

Monster damage no longer increases beyond 200% (damage doubled). And in return...


Archetypes are added to the monsters. These archetypes are available from S31+ (damage no longer increasing beyond this point). They can be generic or specific.

Generic archetypes are relatively classic, they can be applied to some monsters and not others... We could have things like :

  •     Start your turn with nobody at 7 PO = +1 PO +1 PM (3 turns).
  •     The gains of will last 2 turns.
  •     Etc. (yes it's very basic and to be taken with tweezers for the moment)

The aim is of course to regulate and discourage the use of certain practices and techniques in a competitive environment.

The specific archetypes are there for two things: to keep the pressure of the punishment mechanics, and to add subtleties that change the gameplay of the fight.

First, the punishment mechanics.

Some combat mechanics can be bypassed by the player's powercreep. For example, a monster that explodes when it dies and does damage around it: this is supposed to be a heavy punishment that players are supposed to avoid at all costs. If the damage value (-500 VP for example) is balanced for a normal character, it is much less balanced for a very optimized character who will be able to take several such punishments in combat without being worried.

When a player increases the Stasis difficulty, he should expect the dungeon to be harder, and there will be risk related tension. That's why increasing the Stasis level should increase the damage of some monster abilities, the famous sanctions, accordingly.

We can imagine a small state from Stasis 31, which increases progressively the damage of the explosion (or the armor gain, or the enrage of some kind...). This way, the gameplay intention is respected.

Second, the gameplay of combat.
Sometimes, a gameplay can also be surpassed by the optimization of a player, other than by damage, for example with more MP/PO. I'm not against a player-controlled strategy. If he has understood the dungeon, dodged all the sanctions and played very well overall, all I have to do is say "please teach me" and I won't try to add barriers on each dungeon so that he feels a difficulty at all costs. A dungeon must remain a dungeon, I'm not going to do the gameplay of the century on each one, why?

Nevertheless, I find it interesting to offer a second reading on a content just by changing a small detail.

For example +1 PM on the Koko the Nutt dungeon bomb, it's a gameplay modifier that's potentially cool, because it changes the fight but not necessarily the learning. Or more Polters against the Soft Oak, or even different places of appearance...
One can imagine a different boost time for a monster spell, or a reduced cost, which changes the usual timing or even the usual spell combo.
We can imagine real gamechangers too, like adding a condition to thwart invulnerability (for example from s41+).
The whole should be quite specific to the dungeon in which we are, and above all, consistent with it. And ideally, should have a clear and precise feedback, accessible at any time.
Again, this is WIP and to be taken with tweezers.

Some loose answers to your questions
  • I do not necessarily have a bias towards your analyses and system proposals. I see that there is a real work of research and creativity. Unfortunately, I have technical imperatives and applying gameplay modifiers to all the dungeons seems to me to be the fastest and most appropriate solution.
  • We don't plan to counter the "ladder monopolization" phenomenon at the moment. We don't have an easy solution but we are aware of the problem.
  • We also have no plans to reduce the randomness in the initiative or placement of monsters, nor to change the way of obtaining the end-of-season chests.
  • The combat challenges are a construction site that can be improved quite easily, but be careful not to make it too mechanical and too "forced". Again, this is not planned for the moment.

I am clearly in favour of keeping a system where the characteristics of the monsters increase progressively. It's possible that monsters' VPs may end up increasing at some point, for the moment that's not set yet. As I said earlier, a monster that lives is a monster that plays: and therefore an additional difficulty.

But we don't want to make the dungeons too long, too repetitive. Maybe we'll find a good compromise, between solving the "OT all mobs absolutely" phenomenon and the possibility for players to face a panting and challenging strategic content, which is not too long and "a purge".

Don't hesitate to discuss it!


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