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Does wakfu ever have plans to remove rng in enchantments?

By akyl13#8666 - MEMBER - May 03, 2020, 04:05:25

Seriously this rng thing is just making things more expensive in Wakfu. Equipment & Item drops are low in supply, low chances yet high in demand which is hell of a trouble for casual players in other words not fun!! Is anyone really enjoying this?    

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Hello akyl13,

I would like to point you to the direction of the survey which was conducted earlier on, which includes aspects of the topic you have mentioned.

You can find that post in here

The survey has since concluded and the team will be taking suitable measures, to ensure better gameplay experience based on the responses obtained from the same.

Rest assured, there will be updates about changes and improvements coming to the game, which will be conveyed through all mediums. 

P.S : I have also fixed the screaming effect on the title of the post.

Thank you.^^
Your cheerful wodent of the forum, [Iroko]

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I would but this is what it says when I click the link "Ce sondage est actuellement clos. Contactez l'auteur de ce sondage pour plus d'assistance."

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I recently sacrificed an entire Zinit Amulet (Souvenir) for ZERO improvement from 2 slots. I was pretty devastated to say the least XD. I can't wait for some changes to the RNG because right now I really can see people leaving the game out of the frustration that enchantments cause!

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If items are in high demand and low supply, that means you can get a lot of kamas by doing duneons and then selling them.

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I know some people here are doing 50+ mk a day. But runes and sublimations feel extremely upsetting for everyone whose income is less. For me and my 1.5mk per day for sure - every time I waste 10mk to get 0 new runes, I want to uninstall the game.

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