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Just wanted to share why I still enjoy Wakfu

By Reg3e - MEMBER - April 27, 2020, 20:29:13
Adventures & Role-Playing.

It's not every day you'll find an MMORPG rich in Lore and World Building. Not to mentioned having it's own Animated Series to further expand the Lore.

WAKFU MMORPG - Trailer (2013)

PS: Looking forward to Server Merge

- Reg
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Completely agree.

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This post is sponsored by Ankama.
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Honestly I would be more surprised if Ankama sponsored someone

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Foreshadow of Season 4 is coming?

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cody5|2020-04-29 22:28:08
Honestly I would be more surprised if Ankama sponsored someone

They actually tried it with few small scale youtubers who barely produced anything and with one decently sized one who produced series recap.

Honestly they should contact nuxtaku or someone similar 1st nux loves nox as a villain and would jump at the chance to make video about the guy.. Heck There's a HUGE catalog of youtube people with warm memories of either the series or the game and the fact that ankama seems to be unaware of this just bloody hurts
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Actually they sponsored a french streamer who was at the time the biggest french streamer for krosmaga, but unfortunately, well, you know what happened to the game.

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Nice, I didn't know there's a Trailer for Wakfu

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Is all about the community for me. Kind players, trusted allies and more than anything no random pkers.

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