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what is the easiest way to find or make player groups with whom you can talk on voice chat with and have sessions?

By Inazu - MEMBER - April 10, 2020, 21:20:35


I'm a returning player who has found himself again in love with wakfu and the krosmoz in general, but the best part about playing mmo's is always having a distinct close friends group online to play with and have long sessions of doing so. The system where you can search for players to do dungeons with is nice, but usually people leave after getting what they want or don't talk at all (probably because of a language barrier, but it is hard to tell sometimes).

I just want to start a new character with other people who do so too and play through the game together, is there any forum thread or discord server where you can find people with a similar interest?

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Based on which server you are playing, there are community discords that you can check into and take part in. To talk and find people to run things together.

You can check out the unofficial Remington discord here .
From there you can expand into other places as well if it does not meet your requirements.

Have a nice time! See you on remi possibly.

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thanks, but the invite seems to be invalid. Could you dm it to me?

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Check the Wakfu Reddit page for their Discord invite, there are over 2000 members.

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