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Mount Zinit - How does one reach the upper slopes etc?

By Karakedi - MEMBER - April 10, 2020, 01:16:52

Hello all,

Since the recent patch there are no restrictions to reach Mount Zinit's upper levels.
But when we go to a zaap we only get the options to go to:

Zinit Beach Zaap
Wild Beach Silo
Schek Cave Silo
Lower Slope Silo

My question is twofold:
1: How do we reach Mount Zinit upper slopes? (Do we have to do all the quests and reach higher levels?)
2: How many (or which) zaaps are we still missing?

PS: My husband and I are both lvl 146 in game, we did all the Mount Zinit quests up until now. We now need to recover the I.D.S in order to get further into the story. However, in order to do this quest we need to be lvl 150.

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3 more zaaps.

1. Upper slopes Silo

This one is accessible with the main questline and the IDS or unlocked for at lv 164

2. Dormor cave

This one is accessible with the main questline. You will need to get ecaflip's paws and darkli moon's hammer to progress from the prior spot on the mountain. It is also unlocked for you at lv 194 even without this.

3. Summit

This one is accessible from the prior area with questing. Unlocks at lv 194 for you as well.

Additionally, a silo which acts like a dragoturkey express will be unlocked automatically at lv 194 in this area, allowing you to access the second section of the summit. You can access this prior to then via the main quest line.

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There’s also the vessel silo, which is basically just the area between upper and lower slope. It’s only there for the quest and overall unimportant. It’s possible to reach places like the upper slope early by completing all the quests (I got to badgers at 176).

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Does the Zinit quest line start with this pappy fella in astrub? Last time I played the game, zinit was much, much different.

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