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[HELP] Strawberry location

By xDarkow- - MEMBER - April 08, 2020, 21:08:46

Guys, sorry for asking that simple thing. 
Im new in the game(currently level 50) and im leveling up my professions while my friends aren't online ingame, and at level 100 of farmer i couldn't find the strawberry location on my profession tab when i click on the "show linked zones" button and i also didn't find it on the internet(at least, not in english topics).
From that point, can any of u guys tell me its location?

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I can give you a few seeds if you wish, meet me at Asturb center zaap ^^ i'll wait to the left of the zaap near the flag.

~ Edit, it was really nice meeting you Cheelie! I do hope you are able to decide on a nation, good luck and have fun! ♡

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the point is, idk where i can plant it. sad i just want it for xp to level up my profession and craft some flour for exp as well.

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Uh, last I knew, strawberries used to occur in Srambad, but apparently are no longer "living" plants in Srambad, only frozen "ornamental" ones there now.   pensive

Live strawberries still occur on some of the maritime route islands - particularly the ones near Sufokia.   However, while you can harvest either strawberry seeds or actual strawberries on the maritime islands, you are not allowed to plant the seeds there.   If you harvest the strawberries, the plant "grows back from the roots".    Harvesting either strawberry seeds or actual strawberries on the maritime islands does yield profession XP however.   biggrin

(You will need to obtain the "Luminescent Amulet" artifact from the Bilbiza island quest-line which lets you swim to reach the maritime route locations.)  biggrin

While the seeds would let you grow strawberries in your haven-bag garden, you won't gain any profession XP from growing them in haven-bag gardens.   sad

(Edited -  no longer "live"  strawberries in Srambad, and profession XP is available harvesting strawberries on Maritime islands near Sufokia.

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