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Foggernaut 2.0 - A slightly biased review

By Granthese - MEMBER - April 08, 2020, 10:13:28

To summarize it, Foggernaut 1.0 was like a Cra with a bazzoka and Foggernaut 2.0 is a mechanical Sacrier.
Now,  a warning, I'm VERY biased because this revamp coincidentaly solved three issues I had with my team in the game (I needed a melee DPS, a decent tank and I had this lv. 194 fogger I didn't really knew what to do) but I'll try to be honest and clear withy my opinion.

To start, I understand this revamp might anger some Fogger mains because it DRASTICALY changed this class, almost making it a new class altogether, so I can say this is a negative point, while fogger 2.0 is a solid class, the change was so drastic, a lot of old foggers might be lost or have their own team composition and overall metas ruined forever. But change can be seen as a positive way to shake out feelings of boredom and staleness, so this is a small counterbalance.

The mechanic

The biggest change was definitely the class's overall mechanic. Fogger was majorly a long-range backline sharpshooter, with very precise shots abusing the Single Target stasis spelltree with a neglectful drawback and the fire spells that actualy clashed with stasis because they were all AoE, so despite the bonus of using fire spells to increase damage, you couldn't chose primarily AoE or Single Target and keep using both branches.

Currently Foggernaut became more of a mid-range brawler, with the turret no longer being this massive buff, but more of a long-range buff to freely change in and out since it no longer costs WP. This is sure a DRASTIC change to old foggers, but considering the game is saturated with DPSs that can easily go long-range (Cra, Xelor, Ecaflip*, Eniripsa, Pandawa*, Huppermage, Sadida, Rogue*, Eliotrope*, old Fogger, Enutrof and Osamodas) and only a handful of Melee/close range DPSs (Sacrier, Masqueraider, Ouginak, Sram and Iop), fogger shook the classes a little to add something that feels rewarding and impactful to those willing to take a fight head-on.

*Yes, these classes can also do well on melee, but it's pretty sub-par compared to their long-range spells

Also, this class is now similar to Sacrier in the sense it can balance Tanking and DPS with little loss on each side. Passive trade-offs like -3WP for a 600% increase in HP and cutting Dodge in half to TRIPLICATE Lock are very small prices for what they sell, in my opinion. The biggest loss is perhaps trading Critical for Elemental Resistance, but perhaps this depends on the taste of the player.

My only distaste is for the new turret, losing the mobility and range bonus for a damage buff but limiting the spells to a straight line seems too discouraging of it's purpose.

Another big change was the rework of Overheating and High Pressure. No longer triggered by spells, but CIRCUNSTANCE. This takes a bit of control from the player but the point of a strategy MMO is to adapt, overcome unpredictable circunstaces and work with things out of your grasp, so the new passives, while not being too complicated, require a little more though to capitalize on their effectiveness. Their rewards are also very balanced for the entire level range.

The Spells

The spells suffered a lot of changes, most oriented towards the new mid-range brawling and tank Foggernaut became, the biggest being the Stasis branch being replaced by water, a very fitting element since Foggernauts are underwater explorers and steam-powered machines.

  • Fire Branch  -This one sure suffered the least changes, with mostly a loss of range and some new effects and changes on it's area, personaly I think Flambé should've kept as a 3-cells line firebreath, these spells are always convenient for those enemies a little too far for it's usual range but caught in the spell's stretch.
  • Water branch - Ah yes, welcome the brand new branch of spells replacing the Stasis branch, Water! Overall, these spells are the best ones for melee and mid-range combat, with some hefty damage and decent area, especialy combined with earth to move your enemies the way you need for the best chain of hits. They alsobring some great debuffs to turn a fight in your favour.
  • Earth Branch - In the old fogger, this branch was pretty much useless. Not only it was locked out of the turret mode, but short ranged for Fogger's major long-range style and overall very weak for the tanking aspects, It was summed up by just summoning a blockade and and stomping it to full hp, pretty much 10AP spent for no damage whatsoever. The new earth branch is AMAZINGLY tanky. You can build a lot of armor, debuff MP, PULL ENEMIES CLOSER (finaly a decent pull) and with hefty damage added to it, one can actualy tank with Fogger without losing damage. (although the ever-so-necessary Rock passive cuts your damage for the sweet buffs).
  • Active Spells - The new spells are more balanced between Melee, Range and Tank mechanics, with some very necessary additions such as stabilization and Elemental Resistance buff, while updating the Blockade and Microbots to be easier to deploy and overall more reliable. The cybot however got... really niche and confusing, I think the old cybot was much better and should've been kept as it is.
  • Stasification - Needless to say, the Stasis branch was the most beloved and players were absolutely cluthing at it when the revamp proposed to get rid of it. Fear not Stasis-lovers, now you can make ALL spells deal Stasis damage for the small price of 1WP and temporarily turning off the wp-regeneration! Seriously, I can't find anything in this new mechanic that isn't better than the old one. No longer you're limited to 5 spells, you don't lose HP anymore, its a win-win.


Ok, pretty much all passives were changed, a ton were added, lets just say I liked'em all, they bring some really interesting trades to your stats, some great buffs, fair debuffs, overall a great job making so many different passives that work so well together.

Favourite changes
  1. The microbots now showing their range before being set up, you guys have no idea how this speeds up the process of setting rails with precision of lenght.
  2. The increase of 1 range for the blockade. Most AoEs are 2 cells-long, so the blockade was almost always caught in a blast centered around it's closest target, essentialy taking 2x the intended damage. Just 1 cell is enough to stay out of the fight and protect it's allies, considered it was placed correctly.
  3. The WP mechanic is very simple and clear, not too easy on those in a hurry to launch their big "kabooms" but also not too complicated, you're guarantee to gain 1WP at the end of the turn, no matter what (unless you stasify yourself) and you will rarely need to burn too much WP at the first 3 or 4 turns of a fight.
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i liked the new turret,deals nice damage. At least the few times i played with it,with distance build.

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This was a nice read. Unfortunately I was hoping you'd throw in more of how the mechanics worked in general also a bit biased indeed because There's arguably more melees than ranged in this game(Panda and Sadida aren't even DPS and have Melee only spells, Eca and Rogue are more melee than Ranged, and Elio and hupper have melee builds but also ranged builds).  If you could've gone more into detail about the mechanics would've been cool. Devs said the class was a bit underpowered currently and was aiming for the passives revamp.

I'd like to see Fogger tank, because the main issue I imagine them having is the mob manipulation. Heard from some friends their damage was siginificatly reduced.

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I tried to avoid going too much into the mechanics since this is more of an opinion-based review smile I could try making a sort of tutorial forthe class once I understant it fully.

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Have to say that making the rails be on literal fire is superbly satisfying and look damn nice also it ignores armor so its very neat and cheeky way to annoy shield reliant classes.

i play tankernaut with my fog and i am superbly pleased of this revamp not only i can now properly tank stuff and still do other things than maintain my blockades but i can now pull and move around with much better mobility while the new blockade is weaker its cheap with much larger cover area

also the turrets are amazing they're bit niche but if you have ap left over and few control points you can make the map very annoying despite the turret being nice if you are on its los it does hurt enough to avoid it

and the new lock passive 11/10 4200 lock is just delightful

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My own slightly biased foggernaut review is that they've got noodle doodle arms. What's up with that? XD

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They always did?
It's because they are souls inhabiting in a mechanical body, so they don't need to adhere to laws of nature.

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New Foggers just sweetie! I hope all classes will receive as many passive abilities as fogger

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i still worry about what they will do to favorit.

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Haha, same, I can't wait to see it

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Hey I was wondering if you'd be able to expand a little more about their damage? I just came back to the game and I'm still trying to decide my 3 classes (with heroes) to play. I really want to play a sac and I like what I've been seeing and reading about the fogger changes, but I'm wondering if their melee damage is good enough to pair with a sac without feeling like I'm really lacking in the damage department.

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it's good but it takes a couple turns to reach full potential

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Does someone knows if masteries like melee or single target affect turret damage nowadays?  Thank you,

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yes they do

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Alright, I haven't played really for a few years but here's my hot-take on new fogger:

1 - Seems like there is a line in the sand on whether or not you're going to be a tank or a dps. The passives and abilities favor CC and the best stats with the least losses at face value look to be the tank options, which happen to be the CC choices. 

2 - Ranged Stasis DPS fogger is a shadow of it's former self in both due to literal loss of the tree and the damage potential. I probably need to completely revamp any of my old builds and restat to optimize damage, but the old versatility in gear options because of stasis is straight up gone as well as the final damage output.

3 - New fogger is overly reliant on WP? This one is just based on how difficult it is to have WP on the character now. At base they start with none? You have to potentially burn a passive slot on Wakfu Reactor which guts your resistances just to "turn one" anything if you have the damage for it. Your secondary passive damage tool in "Energy Moderator" elements your  means of gaining WP so you can build glass canon. I don't have enough WP to test stationary mobility though which may invalidate some of my concerns.

Overall, as stated above, this is definitely a jarring experience for old players to return to and if you weren't building tank/melee before, you're kind of SOL now unless you have the gear to compensate.

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I like new fogger more than previous one.

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