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Playing since 2011, member since 2008! Stopped at 2018 and just returned! =D

By ZeraKoN - MEMBER - April 02, 2020, 06:59:08

And then I reseted all my 100% lvl 200 optimized runed gears that took years to make to the "new rune system". Then I did read that I need to sacrifice simple things like... a DRAGON COAT for a CHANCE to increase its 1 rune slot or change the color of that useless socket for something RANDOM. WHAT THE ****??!!

Went to the Devblog, just to be sure I wasn't misreading anything and got the confirmation from [Siu] that "it's intended" and "You might need to change your ways of choosing gears".

Uninstalled the game, deleted all the temp files and good bye Wakfu. Thanks for the last 7 years... =,( the memories will remain but I just can't...FORUM RULES

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