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What happens to a guild if noone in it is online for 3 months?

By cody5 - MEMBER - March 27, 2020, 21:09:25

It says that if the guild leader is offline for 3 months, it passes down to the next active member.
But what happens if noone in a guild is online for 3 months?

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What I think might be that,

It might get transferred to the next active member who logs in to the guild, at any point of time.
Since guilds don't just get automatically deleted or such in the game. (Do they?)  pensive

I will wait for official answers for more input.

Update: Found this from a similar post.

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That makes sense actually.

Also i think they get deleted after a year... or did they remove that? I forget.

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riktus clan will take it over - they will spend all the guild points on bonta beer and the haven world of this guild will not be accessable because they use it for their mysteriuos magik prayers.

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You fun  bro

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