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Gerbean Dungeon

By Hearttyace - MEMBER - March 26, 2020, 03:03:58

Alright, So I might be making a dungeon guide for dungeons post 150 with this Quarantine existing.

So I'm having problems with this dungeon haven't gotten a full strategy down for it. I want some ideas for what people do.

First things I understand -

- I can remove the invul with conductor and removing the shock asborber cells

- Conductor or lighting gives the boss WP

- Funder cost wp, uses 2 wp per use.

- Locking the boss isn't very viable since if the tank has conductor he gets WP which results in the nuke.

My current strategy is 
Tank boss with a melee close by to absorb the conductor and force the boss to dodge and remove 1 ap every turn to limit the chances of conductor on the tank.Proceeding to tank and spank,

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