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How do you do Lunar Alter (Boowolf) dungeon?

By eight0#5499 - MEMBER - March 21, 2020, 09:48:23

I visited Sadida Kingdom recently and there is a mission asking you to do Lunar Alter in competitive mode. Someone told me that you have to kill the giant moon first. Yesterday we (Lv90 cra + Lv100sac) tried it in normal mode and it was so tough that I doubt if this strategy can work in competitive mode.

Any tips?

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Personally i did it at lv 90 aswell with bad gear, though i didn't hit the moon at all. What i did is to kill the ones who give armor (the female ones) first, without touching the moon as it summons small moons and buffs allies if you hit. After killing the females, the rest is kinda easy, and lastly you just kill the giant moon as it doesnt do anything. Though i have 2 accounts with booster so i did it with 6 man team myself, if you are only 2 idk if it is possible without gear

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You hit the moon, then have to destroy the shards that fall off of it, when you destroy enough of them the boss becomes vulnerable, but shards you don't destroy explode in 2 turns.

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The moon has 7WP (i think), while the moon has WP all mobs have a resistance boost.

Each time you hit the moon, moon rocks will spawn, destroy the rocks and the moon will lose a WP. Each rock has 200hp at stasis 1 don't know if it changes. Also the moon regens 1WP each turn.

My strat is basically, get 2 chars with low ap spells to start at the back and attack the moon. Get rid of the moons buff asap and then like any fight focus down one by one. I aim for the priestess's first cause of armor given + that annoying moon.

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Thanks, we (cra + osa + 2 sidekicks) just beat the competitive mode in stasis 1!

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