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Please help to start a quest for Zinit

By alisonairs - MEMBER - March 19, 2020, 03:12:42

I try to start Mount Zinit Questline in Astrub. 
I know the place where it usually starts (ship in Astrub).
But that NPC don`t have option to start the quest, just bye.

I have god booster and i have 155 lvl.
I have nation of Bonta, and Jonk in Bonta don`t ask me anything to do anymore.
I`ve finished Astrub, Wild Estate, Owhymi, Kelba, Chillberg questlines.
There is no "Zinit" in questbook at all. 

Maybe i`ve missed something? Any suggestions?
Thank you!

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finish the Nations questline

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Where i can get them?
Jonk in Bonta don`t give me any quests anymore.  
Is there any other way to get more quests?

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The whole thing changed since the nations update. Check at Pappy Pal at Astrub first. If it doesn't display the quest, open your quest log and check what is the last part of the Quests of Nations you were doing back then.

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Oh, thank you!
It just was not displayed even in unfinished/notdone quests.
I thought i finished everything in Astrub. 
Actually Pappy didnt help me with the problem, but i decided to check Donatello after him "just in case" and it worked.
That`s not good that questbook is broken.(

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You can alwys just check the ogrest tab in the questlog for the main questline

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