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Why do haven bags ocassionally disappear even if you have things for sale? And how do people manage to get all professions to lvl 200?

By Karakedi#4002 - MEMBER - March 15, 2020, 00:40:49

As the title says,

  1. Why do Haven Bags occasionally disappear even if you have things for sale?
  2. How do people manage to get all professions (all crafting and harvesting) to lvl 200?
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1 - The Haven Bags only appear when you are inside them (or when you disconnect from the game while inside them). If you disconnect from the game without being in it, it will not be available to other players, even if you have things for sale.

2 - I'll tell you when I get there, but I heard that Haven Worlds help a lot in this matter.

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Unless it has changed, the bag will get automatically closed if:

  1. It doesn't have at least one item for sale.
  2. It will remain open for 36 hours (day and half, if I recall it well), then automatically disappear unless you "refresh" it by logging that char on and off again.
  3. It will be closed if any other char from that account becomes active. So, in order to have the bag permanently open, you have to either not use any other char of that account, or only use the char whose bag you want open 100% of the time.

About the profession parts, it's basically crafting components with the common 5+5 patter, each 10 levels tier. (Like the first two kinds of wood for Handyman brackets in first, then moving to the next component recipe when you already have 10 levels past from the previous recipe level.) The basic professions mostly by gathering seeds and branches about non-stop, following the same 10-levels pattern. Crafting professions with components (brackets, leathers, plates, handles, etc). And the level cap is 150 right now, but 130 is usually enough.
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1. Thats true in theory, but I have seen it happen to me too. I quit game inside HB - my Alts see HB. Suddenly its gone and when I log in with main account , I find myself outside HB. idk why this happens. Edit: TheRogueCat did :-)
2. Professions and level 200? Way too far. Resources and recipes stop around lvl 130.

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If you have things for sell then before logging off, make sure you log off from inside your have bag.
For professions well you just need time. Make sure to stock a lot of ressources before crafting for XP so you can use them when you have crafting XP bonus from almanax. 
Or you can also wait for double XP week-end, Ankama will announce it on their website but it's a quite rare event...

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I always log off inside my bag, and don't log in for couple of days. My bag stays open for 2 or 3 days I believe, and then it disappears without me logging in any character on my account and still having things for sale. That is the reason why I asked this question.

As for professions, I know currently the level cap is 130 but I heard from several people that they have all their professions at lvl 200. My prior guild master used to say this for example. But if I try to push my professions farther, lvl 150 is the max level I would be able to get.

So how do other people manage to get theirs to lvl 200?

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The max level is 150, the reason for this is that you will outlevel the crafted/gathered resource.

Being at level 200 for professions means they are lying. wink

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they probably mean they cAn craft lvl 200 items not lvl 200 proffesions

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