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Character Customization PSA: Take Screenshots ASAP

By Purple-Coffee - MEMBER - March 12, 2020, 06:27:56

tldr: if the new colors ship in this state, all characters' appearances will be reset and we'll lose almost every point of reference for recreating looks that we actually liked. Screenshotting your characters now (definitely zoom in and get multiple angles) can help you fix that if it comes to it.

With any luck this will all be completely unnecessary and the version that hits live won't force-reset every character, but I'm not counting on it and I've already done my ragepost, so here's the practical one. MS Paint, Windows' native calculator and a screenshot are all you need to convert a color sample from the screenshot into its hexadecimal code, which you can plug into the new builder. It's a pain, it's not perfect, and I'm still hoping this post can happily rot in a big ol' pile of overreactions somewhere, but if not then I'll probably update it with a step-by-step guide (or make a new one with a title that makes sense).

The point though, for now, is be sure to take screenshots of any characters with colors you're attached to before the patch hits.

edit: Tiefoone's post and JadenDew's guide linked by iNTiMiD4T0R below are way ahead of me and use better methods than I had in mind anyway o7

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It can also be useful to use something like GIMP's color picker tool to get the HTML notation for the color off of your character. In the above image the HTML notation of the black/grey part of my Masq's clothes has the HTML notation 3d3c36. This might be thrown off slightly by shading but it's a good starting point and should get you very close in conjunction with having a screenshot for comparison.
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Forum post with video about how to get previous colors on chars back, Might be useful.
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Big Oof, I have too many characters I don't want to change, do I have to manually keep all the colors? Please Ankama do something xd

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Didn't realize people had already done so much more with this, thank you for the great posts everyone \o/

I'm still hoping that they'll implement something that won't call for all this, but yeah, on beta right now they're just hard resetting all your characters to the same default appearance for every given class.

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