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Merge all the servers together into one big server maybe?

By kilerama22#2121 - MEMBER - March 10, 2020, 17:23:16

hmm i was wondering ,wouldn't it be good to merge nox,phaeris and remington into one huge server, whitch would probably revive wakfu for a long while, the 3 communities working together, and it also brings in some competition and some new communities, maybe fuse them all into remington whitch is sort of blooming with players right now. and lots of nox and phaeris players switched over to remington recently, kind of makes me feel like alot of players would want the merge of the 3 into 1.

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First Ankama intervention

Hi kilerama22,

We'll think about it... tongue


See message in context
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There will be 2 servers: a French server bringing together Dathura and Aerafal, and an International server bringing together Nox, Remington, Phaeris, Efrim and Elbor.
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Hi kilerama22,

We'll think about it... tongue


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just for the record... Ankama please remember how disappointing some players     behave in the past regarding to illegal (against the TOU) for example : kama bots , account selling, duping , code abusers , ... etc.

Some evil players that are also programmers used to abuse game and almost doom the game , they already strike once  please dont let them strike twice .

defend a clean game!

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ankama currently thinks that banning bad eggs leads to fewer players playing the game, when the fact is that the number of players that are driven to quit by the actions of bad eggs is far greater than the number of bad eggs.

i'd love to see certain people with unlimited duplicated kamas banned when the merge happens to protect the future of the game for everyone else who plays with a good spirit.

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