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By BlackJosh2415 - MEMBER - March 08, 2020, 05:49:54

Does anyone know where the stones of Soft, Incessant and forgotton Murmurs are?

Trying to finish this achievement
Thank you
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Dw man i know that feel, normally they warn you more than half an hour in advance, dont know why the sudden shut down now
as for the murmurs, i got the few there in Shuudoku kingdom(looked everywhere but cant find anymore), but the rest i looked up and before the rework of nations they were in other nations so i would assume it would stay the same, but am not sure, and havent seen anyone else talk about it since unfortunately

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I've found them all except the Stone of Soft Murmurs. Coords are (2, -2), (4, -2), (1, -7), (4, -9), (6, -6), and (9, -8). Can't find Soft Murmurs though sad

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if i remeber right and dont quote on me on this iz been a while since i did whisper stuff.

one or more whisper achiviment places are / were in amakna (lore wise whispers hail from amakna and relocated to whisper island during the chaos)

the old place was the valley like cliffs with whisperic architecture near puddlies no idea about new possible location but i would highly recomend cheking amakna

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