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Wakfu endgame.

By Zumo-Atlantico#2794 - MEMBER - March 06, 2020, 22:08:55

Hello, I wanted to know about what the community thinks about Wakfu endgame. 

Should the game have more open world activities like thirsters, archmonsters, enviromental quests, etc, instead of focusing in Dungeons, UBs, etc? 

I'm not saying I dislike dungeons and UBs, but I feel like this activities could be good to boost open world activity, so we could have players running around on the islands instead of camping markets, Ecaflipus, etc. 

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IGN: Anjii (True SramAbuserHEHEXD), Im sort of an end-game So far the only dgs I haven't attempted or completed are nogord and shadowfang. I don't feel like I'm on end game yet. I mean I do lvl 200 content, and there is a lot but I want to feel like a true end game player.I need builds for every dg to at least do s41 everywhere. More 200 content like arches thister's is nice, that make game still fresh like now new zinit dungeon boss: Aquarion (Idk if I spell that correctly tbh) who to be honest will repair biggest mistake of 200 lvl, water res, 200 content need only 3 res: Air/Earth/Fire and only ogrest some water but this boss will require you to have a lot of water res and that is nice Worst thing for endgame players is a couple of players(especially one toxic one who we all want to get finally banned). Not all 200 players like to play with others or help them. That's the issue if you don't have friends. personally I dont mind taking other people but you know, people are different.To be honest I would like to see more lower lvl content, so far only thing added was 2 185 dung's and special boss in sadida 185 dung (also pandalucia I think 140 dung). Also I would like to see a new 200 dungeon kind of similar to the 185 pandalucia one. Just one room boss fight would be interesting to do fast runs.

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Yes, I like the Thirster event a lot.  It's fun to work together with other groups towards a common goal.  It would be nice if there were more events where lower level players could participate more too.

I think that they can do something interesting with archmonsters with the upcoming environmental revamp, like different archmonsters spawning based on what the environment is like.  It would be pretty cool, but I think that they should change archmonsters to work more like the Moon ones (multiple copies so everyone gets a chance to fight it), though not necessarily based on a collection stele.

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It should be better if endgame players don't use 2 or more same characters for dungeon award abusing.
I'm not saying everyone should stop using 2 accounts, however:
What about focusing on open world activities or tag along with newbs instead of using 2 same compositions?
That should be really prohibited.

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