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is there a way to check my past posts?

By linaswaldo123 - MEMBER - February 25, 2020, 07:53:31

I actualy feel unhappy seeing how i have negative acount score for some reason...
and I'd like to fix it.

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You can check from either your profile, or the post search by author. The post in question was this one with 3 negative votes, which is now locked and was from a 2017 necroposting, so nothing to do there (and nothing that can be done anyway, as the votings are done by others).

No point in regreting the past, nor stuff that can't be changed. Just ignore it, let it go and continue with your daily forum posting. (You only have ~4 visible posts in total, so it's not too much yet.)

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i didn't know what "necroing" was but thank you for your help.

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