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some timeline script is need here !

By mafelein - MEMBER - February 20, 2020, 00:50:09

HI, guys i know maybe changes are cool for some and for others means a rage quit so i will try to expose my concerns because even if ankama are the rulers of this game well sometimes they need logic to make sense ... and now i feel they in the path of nonsense at all... 

anime is what rules or must be the ruler of this game not a simple dev trying to be super creative .... and some statements of the visual anime series  are violated here:
elios that dont play around with their portals .... why?
foggers that dont use stasis source power.... why?
osas that will have a spell name summon but not a real summon at all just a doll... why?
enus that dont purse for themselves but for hole team ... why?
fecas that are not the overpowered support ... why?
rogues that dont use pistols or guns at all , while they are pirates ...why?

For my haters : is need talk about this because if they are following our criteria ...well is time to at least make sense in the name of the storyline  the name of the anime the name of a fun game based on this awesome story , to start forcing all see it as cool changes when they must change content instead of classes .... changing classes that much in the name of ¨balancing¨is really  forced , i dont buy it ! is just a lack of well done programming , maths , calculation...fsss is a mediochre excuse whats next ?

sacriers mid tankers and healers 
iops 2 buttons combo
ecas no gamblers
enis mid healers and positioners
sadis no dolls power
cras with guns
masks without masks^^
pandas drunk in the streets without job
srams like angels 
huppers poors dealing with stasis
xelors without dial....

lol is fun but i think some kind of madness is ruling ankama now or too much hard partys ...hope some people join to this junk funny thread im doing to highlight how they fooling around playerbase from their long range portal throwing at us all kind of excuses and big mess instead of do better work .
constructive a and positive critics please .

best regards 

this cant turn on parallel dimensions , crazy versions of the story like you find on marvel comic books or anime  .... THIS IS WAKFU!

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Let me see those concerns...
1st: nothing says Elios MUST use their portals everytime and Ankama never discouraged or nerfed portal mechanics, in fact Elio have a ton of passives that capitalize in what portals do, players just get a bit lazy and uncreative and prefer to use Elios as berzerker brawlers.
2nd: Fogger rework IMPROVED the stasis mechanic by allowing you to make all your spells Stasified, but remember foggernauts are deep ocean explorers, their kit makes even more sense having a water spell branch and now they are much better at tanking and switching between Range and Melee mid-combat. Having a Stasis powersource doesn't mean they just shoot infinite stasis at their targets.
3rd: Honestly Osa is too messy of a class, its basicaly the best summon wins... or those lazy to use summons and just go with dragon form. Which fits the lore of Osamodas.
4th: Enutrofs are defined for treasure-hunting and experts in treasures and money, they can be a bit greedy, but not to the point of endangering their friends.
5th: Since when was Feca supposed to be "OP"? That defies the basic rule of MMO where classes must be BALANCED. In fact, Feca is the most BORING tank in the game, all you do is buff you and allies, barely touching the boss. It's just a bait that makes the allies stronger. Sacrier, Pandawa and Foggernaut 2.0 are much better at holding the front and actualy doing SOMETHING against the boss aside from being a punching bag.
6th: Rogue's ENTIRE EARTH BRANCH uses the gun, wtf are you talking about? And no, rogues are not pirates...

Also... the game has barely any story. Its a dungeon-crawler with plenty of farming and grinding, not a story-based game, and I played plenty of stroy-driven MMOs, hell, I WRITE FOR ONE! You want plot and continuity? Play Dragonfable or Diablo, Wakfu is about strategic fighting and socializing, and the class balancing doesn't really ruin the fun or even affects the lore at all.You're just having too much of a narrow vision of how classes are supposed to function.

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elios that dont play around with their portals .... why?
--> already wrong, Elios still play around with their portals. This nerf doesn't even change much if you do one long range teleportation per turn. This is basically just a target nerf to send a positioner over the whole map to permanently kite (which is even then still doable). This nerf is obviously deserved.

foggers that dont use stasis source power.... why?
--> wrong again, Fogger still use stasis power. If you remember, it previously had 2 other elements (which just didn't got used, because they were basically super bad in comparison to the super broken Stasis spells, which were additionally extremely easy to use. "No effort, high gain" is a bad idea, if you want to make a balanced idea.
If you want to argue, that the other elements should just keep bad and give no incentive to use them and you should just have stasis, this kinda defies you having a reasonable point of view.

osas that will have a spell name summon but not a real summon at all just a doll... why?
You forget that in wakfu lore, the Gobgob is the companion of the Osamodas. The Gobgob is the core of the summoning mechanic of them. He stores the creatures in itself and it isn't so weird that it can take the shape of the stored summon.

enus that dont purse for themselves but for hole team ... why?
Obviously this was a reasonable change to prevent people from fighting about "who take the purse", because pretty much everyone would want the extra loot. If the loot would always go to the enu, do you think people would even play around it (if they are not sixboxing)?

fecas that are not the overpowered support ... why?
Here you totally lost the path of credibility. Obviously, why no overpowered support? Hmmmm, because it is overpowered. *gasp*

rogues that dont use pistols or guns at all , while they are pirates ...why?
Maybe you read that they are already working on the passives of Rogue, might be possible that they give them more direct tools than bombs that can be used in the combat more often.

Btw. instead of ranting and telling **** about the people that work on this game, you could give constructive feedback. Currently is a beta in which players can give way more easy feedback to this.

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hahha your funny sheeps^^
“Do not let arrogance go to your head and despair to your heart; do not let compliments go to your head and criticisms to your heart; do not let success go to your head and failure to your heart.”

-elios ..penalty for use portals is ridiculous
-rogues no guns is ridiculous
-fecas ...well i remeber no one could beat feca god  but for underwear ...wich you need maybe turn them into thongs both ***** ****
-foggers ... maybe just  some kind of reta*d cant see this was a nerf (for pvp at least) if you cant 1 turn kill you are not a damager ...just support
and stasis now is a joke even if suspect made good math wasnt necessary
-enus ...come on they greedy as hell in anime so why purse for others no sense

now theres lack of 1 turn damagers ...(be able to kill something from the first turn is what we all used to love as being a damager in this game)

so please little chicken brains see the big picture  i really cant agree that this is not a story based-game ... maybe they mess up all that because there must be lot of teams and devs working on this and  is normal that every one want to change some lore of the story for the mechanics and strategy ..but is indeed a mess up for the story telling and the script that is violated here (if some had work with films must know) .... so ye back to the base and dont applause odd creativity is what im trying to spotlight even if theres players like you applause for every single nerf  ...

nerf=punish feel 
buff=winning feel 

they punishing playerbase maybe scince the begining and thats why concerns and complains full this forum because they choose always nerf classes than nerf the dang content ...example : roxxor nerf.... the dang animal in zinith is a beast overpowered ...the summon  was like 1/3 of the real beast but they nerfed ...then nerfed again is like a baby roxxor ...well common sense tells me that was the beast in zinith that should be nerf just to make sense! so ye for all the devs minions and boots lickers  im not talking at all this is for the no sheeps that see the big picture and realize they fooling and toying all of us with their ¨balancing¨concept .

creative award for them .... maybe who support this nonsense changes work for them or dont like the story at all. ffss
if this is not a story based game then why the anime ? they are related!

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Just because most enutrofs are stingy with money and loot doesn't mean there aren't any filanthropic ones (for example Alibert gives free food to people).

It just means they will be less powerfull since folowing the stereotypes makes you favoured by your god.

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