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Can i Leave a nation?

By Amagakuro - MEMBER - January 26, 2020, 02:43:53

Hi, wondering about this, can i do that?

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Yes, you can leave a nation and become neutral and choose another one or stay neutral as you prefer.
You have to go to the Owl in Asturb near the zaap and Nation Board and talk to it. It will give you an  option to go neutral again. You can then proceed with the same and leave a nation.

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Yup, you can for the prices below:

- Level 50 and lower: 5,000 Kamas
- Levels 51 to 100: 25,000 Kamas
- Levels 101 to 150: 50,000 Kamas
- Levels 151 and higher: 100,000 Kamas

Just a little warning, if you become neutral again (you can do this proccess once a month) you will lose all your citizen points.

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