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During leveling, which equip for my Rogue/Ougi/Eni Team?

By Amagakuro - MEMBER - January 21, 2020, 16:02:34

They are lvl 50 now, what should i get around this level? And after that?

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You shouldn't worry much about low level gears. Try to find a guild with haven world and someone in the guild that can powerlevel you to level 110/120 (maybe one hour of leveling?).

Gear example (Level 125):
Rogue (Area+melee):
The Powerful Dazzling Belt
Whirly Boots
Kaw Breastplate
Great Ice Cape
Whirly Epaulettes
Whirly Helmet
Bagus Shushu
Milkar Paw
Taur Emblem

Eni (St+heals):
Golden Api of His Parodies
Sylargh's Belt
Sylargh's Boots
Kaw Breastplate
Great Ice Cape
Black Zorpaulettes
Royal Whirly Crown
Initiate Ring
Tower Emblem
The Big Branch

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Thank you very much for the advices!

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To avoid looking for too many lists of build (Despite Ricardo's being perfect) as you level up, always remember the stats you want for your heroes smile
Rogue as Area+Melee, Eni as Area/ST and Healing and Ougi being Melee and Elemental resistance.
Do the boss hunt quests and earn plenty of tokens in dungeons to farm for the relics and whenever you get useless gear, MASH it with the hammer icon on the top-right corner of your inventory, Powder and Shards an sell for plenty of Kamas in the Kelba market.

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hi speaking about wise economy i will suggest just focus on get relevant gear , this gear will always cost much but is 100% sellable for same price or even more after you used :
below lvl100 i suggest just wisdom pet
vampyro set 
white crow set
moowolf set
gobbalrog set
dragonpig set
shsuhsu items
sage set
steel beak set
after that sell all and buy myth moon items 

it works with less loose of kamas

have fun 



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