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Back to the game after few years, doubts.

By Jgg1988 - MEMBER - January 17, 2020, 15:51:52

Hello! I played this game few years ago, and I LOVED it. But my server was pretty empy ( I was in the spanish server). I want to play again and I hav a few questions.

1) I wanna play in a server populated enough to group with others sometimes, best server? I don't mind if is not the spanish one.

2) I'll start from 0, will be people to play together from the begining?

3) Was all classes reworked? I saw the skills, and looks very different from the time I was playing the game.

Thank you biggrin

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1- Rem is the best solution at the moment. Don't get your hopes up tho.

2-  Hum... maybe. You will have to search a little bit and include other methods to find people on your search like discord  reddit or here.

3- Ankama is always reworking classes from time to time.

A tip here, if you can buy a hero booster. Using 3 chars at the same time is great when you can't find people to play with.

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Join Remington! It's quite populated and plenty of new players there.
Try boosters, heroes or multiboxing smile.

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Thnaks guys! I made an Huppermage, looks funny

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You're gonna enjoy Huppermage, its a VERY straightforward DPS with good range and decent mobility. Invest in Single Target and Distance Mastery for best damage output.
I shouldn't even reccomend spells, Huppermage is a class where every single spell is worth a try and have value.

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