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where to get Steel Beak Breastplate?

By BlackJosh2415#4769 - MEMBER - January 16, 2020, 07:54:38

Would like to buy the Steel Beak Breastplate, but no one is selling, so i figured id try getting it myself, the legendary version is craftable, but you need the mythic version, and on the websites encyclopedia it doesnt say where/what drops it or how to craft it

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steel beak token machine, it's linked, that's why you can't find it on a market

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Probably from Steelbeak, but he's missing from the encyclopedia for some reason

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You only can windraw this BP from machine for tokens. Gear from this UB is linked - so You can't buy or sell.

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What others just told ya you need to down steel beak for 3 times to get enugh tokens or well 2 since you havent most likely downed him yet and therefore dont have the achi done..

ow if you start doing him save the feathers you need em a lot for all sorts of crafts for that lv range so do not sell. save and use.

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