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Where is Queen Sheran Sharm?

By BlackJosh2415 - MEMBER - January 09, 2020, 09:01:31

im trying to do the treasure hunting quests, but i cant seem to find some in the new sadida kingdom
Specifically this one which is saying its close to Queen Sheran Sharm, however with the new Sadida Kingdom, she has no passed away, so i have no idea where she is/where i can find the treasure thats aparently close by

Also if anyone knows where the other 3 im looking for is, would be much apreitiated 
Sadida Kingdom - Cerulean
And Sadida Kingdom - Dun
Sadida Kingdom - Wooded

Alright well i ended up finding a few while searching around; Cerulean, Dun and Crimson (turns out they never updated this treasure hunt hint, as its no where near Queen Sheran Sharm but instead near the Arachnee Dungeon)

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

Sadida Kingdom - Cerulean is at (-2,-3)
Sadida Kingdom - Dun is at (-3,7)
Sadida Kingdom - Crimson is at (-7,-1)
Still need help with Wooded though, and seeing as Crismon hasnt been update for the hint, i doubt this ones hint is going to be very helpful, so its just somewhere around will update if i find it
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