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Any games similar to Gobbowl?

By Jenarall - MEMBER - January 08, 2020, 22:13:27

Hey guys, i remember there used to be an online game called Gobbowl that could’ve been played via browser, it has since been discontinued but I was wondering- Does anyone know if there’s any game similar to it? Specifically in the AppStore? Or even on browser.

Please let me know!

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Ohhhh yeah! I remember that!... I think. lol

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There's the Gobbowl stadium in Wild Estate and the Old Gobbowl dungeon in Bonta (which is like Gobbowol to beginners).

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Thanks for that info... But I was thinking along the line of any game that’s remotely close to Gobbowl be it playable via browser or the AppStore, not necessarily in-game.

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