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Question on archmobs

By HybridGear - MEMBER - January 06, 2020, 23:00:04

I've been trying to do the Ruel repeatable quests, but I'm stuck in Mulligan the Discarded, I guess that it's in Sadida but I've been roaming around non-stop, still it won't spawn, am I doing something wrong?

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Hi, that is because the dominant miniboss and archmob boss been swap without notice, as the current roaming without Horde environment quest one is the Grizzled but not the Mulligan, but you can try hunt the Grizzled Auburn Boowerewolf just will do. That Ruel's bounty hunter quest is mostly forget been update after Sadida revamp. 
Refer this as the issue been reported. 

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Oh ok then, thank you very much for clarifying this! 

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