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By Calliun - MEMBER - January 06, 2020, 14:43:02

Hello there - I was wondering what the exact rules are for Epiques to be obtained in the game.
I'm noticing the pure irony in that Epiques seem to be harder to obtain than Relics, and I'd definitely love some more consistent info about them:

Unless things have changed, my own memory tells me that:
- Epiques can only drop in dungeons, and only if they are Stasis 21+ (Are there Epiques that can drop that are an exception to this rule?)
- Epiques can only drop in those dungeons if you killed the boss first and last (What about dungeons where this is impossible though? Or is this even still a rule at all?)
- Some Epiques can be crafted, but I have no idea which ones.

Any collective info would be awesome, as I'm entirely confused how to obtain them properly by now, given the game doesn't tell you much itself.

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The first one is always valid, with exception that loot drop from archmob/horde quest which outside of dungeon. 

There was not such second rule need to be boss first kill or last kill for a epic drops. 

For craft one always refer to obtain via quest linked and blueprint needed for re-obtainable method. 

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Some epic drops from their family minion too, with respectively much lower rate compare boss and archboss. 

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Usually 0.6% chance from boss and archmonster and/or 0.06% chance from every monster in the family

Unless they are craftable of course.

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