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Small nations make me sad.

By UnitTheGreat - MEMBER - January 03, 2020, 07:25:02

Back after a while, all the nations are small now. I'm pretty upset.

Not only is Nox empty, but now it's cramped too. I can't go explore the other nations and see the cool areas they have, and I miss Sufokia's Hanging Gardens and the old Tydal Prarie. The dual bridge was always really cool to me, and the giant cliffside overhang near the top of the map was one of the coolest looking places I'd been in Wakfu. Jumpin' Jungle was a really nice and verdant place that captured the tropical jungle aesthetic nicely.

I miss my beautiful nation. :[

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Yeah...whoever was in charge of design the new nations really dropped the ball. The Astrub city works well because it's actually a big city and doesn't have meaningless npcs you can't talk to running all over the screen. And just the overall feel of these nations is all so samey, very square in design, with really small playgrounds which give no real lore inclinations. Also, they're all so flat, there's no real natural formations (waterfalls, lakes, rivers, etc); I mean some did kept some of this..but still, the flat and small design doesn't really inspire low level players to come together at all.

Making zones super small isn't how you get people to discover each other. People come together when the game's design promotes it. I mean, they could start by making not bringing hero characters increase exp by 100% and drop rates by 200% or something while also reducing damage done by enemies by -50% or something.

Maybe make that a booster option? Call it the Mono account booster or Legend Booster???????

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Under a practical view nations work better than ever, no more useless bridges, no more dead zones so there's a bit of reason in the revamp designs BUT must agree that some beautiful scenery have been lost! A true shame specially considering the backstory of Ankama as an animation studio.

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Sufokia is now like 50% useless bridges, the capital is comprised of sectioned-off little islets connected by bridges. It makes it really difficult to make out a clear path from point A to point B.

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Agreed, totally changing the maps was pointless when there was never a problem with the maps in the first place but rather the poor spread of content within them, they could have fixed the problem with much less effort if they had just tried instead of throwing it all away.

At this point I'm just hoping they'll stop being stubborn and release a retro server like they did for Dofus so they can realise that what the players want was there all along and their attention is in the wrong places.

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I kinda liked the changes, before that the only important zone of the nations was the same, identical fortress with the Zaap, Market and crafting tables, and all 4 nations were IDENTICAL in it, save for colour scheme and all, but now each nation is unique, and the running NPCs breathe life into it without relying on players. I especialy liked Brakmar and Bonta, their architecture looks really imposing and Brakmar have a really nice geography making use of the volcanic terrain. Now the nations are not 10% "city" and 90% wild area with dungeons, but something more akin to 50/50 and the dungeons brough closer together. Although I miss how some nations had unique shapes like Bonta being shaped like a sword and Sufokia being this half-moon of sand.

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I agree with this. The nation capitals before the revamp were the laziest thing I've ever seen in an mmorpg. At least the new ones have some uniqueness to them. But that's at the expense of the rest of the design which is just the same copy paste flat areas in all 4 nations.

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The worst thing is that they are somehow follow a very specific and quite similiar layout for atleast 70-80% of the Area... If they would atleast be more different!

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I really want the old nations back (or at least the structure), new players are losing interest pretty quickly since they have to stay in Astrub and 1/3 of Amakna for 51 levels, and let me tell you, low level dungeons are a PAIN IN THE ASS, did you know there are only 3 dungeons at lvl 36?, 2 of them are almost impossible due to bad implemented resistance mechanics the cracklers (really high resist for a lvl 36-50 mob) and the moogrr (they put that thing on the floor that weakens your resistance and you cannot do anything with the limited amount of PM at low lvl), the flowers do have another annoying resist mechanic however my recently introduced friends to the game and me didn't find those ones particulary hard

But yeah, they got bored at lvl 35. lvl 41 and lvl 42, all the new ones... without me reaching lvl 25 back in the day going to the imposing gobball dungeon in amakna I would not be playing here today, I wanted to be like the friends who introduced me to the game back in 2014, they where killing Hoodlums (also bring back old Hoodlums) and I wanted to be like them, I wanted to drop one of those shiny emblems and wear it as my trophy, and I did that, I grew up as a player, thanks to those key factors that should be present in any low level areas in an mmorpg

1- BIG Areas to explore
2- Tons of balanced low lvl content
3- Small but rewarding experiences

Because right now, all you can do is spam royal gobball at higher difficulty until you reach lvl 50 (wow lots of fun) otherwise you are pretty much done at any lvl 36 dungeon

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Ouch! I totally forgot how they made those low level dungeons a pain by messing around with resists. Most good games create fun through use of the environment. Such as putting obstacles you and your enemy can use to their favor or other mechanics. Specially at low level they shouldn't be making these dungeons last 1 hour because they decided to give the boss extreme resists.

It's no wonder people just buy 2 hero account, the frustration of trying to have fun with a few friends who might not have chosen the correct role composition is too real. Your friends probably didn't roll as sacrier, feca, and eni. Poor poor souls, you have no real choice as to the race you choose in this game. You need a feca/sacrier and eni/sadida in your party.

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