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Moving onward to 2020, and The current State of Phaeris.

By Reg3e - MEMBER - December 26, 2019, 19:31:39
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Hi all,

First, to the author of this post ; the video really made me feel sad. I remember hearing a lot of good things about Phaeris, and seeing what it became is hurting a lot. I mostly played on the french servers, and there are still " a lot " of players on these servers, but I have to admit that I can feel the differences between the Launch of the game, and now. I saw servers losing more and more people, years after years.

I've been here since the Gold Launch (not counting the betas) and to me Wakfu still feels.. Kind of empty.. After so many years. Not talking about the population, but the game itself feels empty.. Something is missing.

I also agree with most of peoples here, I feel like Wakfu is a game where luck and farming are the center of everything.

I've never reached the lvl 200 because I mostly played on my own after all my friends stopped playing, and I have to say that, playing alone is not fun. I mean, nowadays I'm trying to play 6 characters for the first time, but what I truly miss are all the interactions with other players.

I hope that the servers merge is coming really really really soon. We need Phaeris players (the ones who're still here) to feel the warmth of a (little bit) bigger community.

I also hope that this year will bring some players back.. Or at least, some new players that will actually stay.

(Sorry for my bad english, I'm french and I s***)

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I think the biggest culprit in recent memories is the Enchantment Update, not just Phaeris or Nox. Every server experiences the negative effects, and the population drop is very noticeable. Enough grind is enough.

Phaeris probably felt it the most, since their population is already low, what do you do when majority of you Server's end game players suddenly leave?
No one left to guide you, No access to late game equipment via market since no one capable of farming is left, the Server is basically set back to the stone age, where the remaining mid game players need to crawl back up from scratch.

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So Merge is coming, but Enchantment RNG is still bad though...

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