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My humble opinion about the update 1.66 (with spoilers) and about game now.

By 9Nectum9 - MEMBER - December 10, 2019, 21:39:42

After update 1.65, I expected that the developers would not stop dusting off the classes and would continue to work in this direction. When I found out about 1.66...I was disappointed, because redesign means that past work was done poorly. But besides amazing new Sadida Kingdom developers add new content. I often hear from friends that while new costumes appear in wakfu, dofus is overgrown with content. And despite the fact that the new pack (the eliocalypse) in wakfu appeared in the shop before the update itself. And why did need such a long beta test if the update was installed with difficulties today? Recently, I have also struggled with the feeling that the remington server is empty. The problem with finding a group is still not resolved (number six on the list), although a lot has been done well. I, as a person who is paying for this game, share my opinion
#1 - new zones, island, dungeons, etc - done well 
#2 - done not well 
#3 -  marketplace interfaces, included in this paragraph, but I'm probably satisfied dev works in this. 

In the future you showed us that you are experimenting with a new ecology system in wakfu. (#5)
Rereading the text, I understand more and more that much of what players want based on the survey has not been completed. I am not a developer and I don’t know how real dev team is working, working every day on the game.Understand us please! We are not toxic, we just want to not be given empty promises.This is especially evident when questions about server merging pop up on the forum. This is also true. 
I want to thank the wakfu dev team for new content and wish them further creative success in 2020. I am fascinated by the cities of nations! New Sadida Kingdom is so WOW! For the new year, it is customary to make a wish. I wish that in Pandalucia island will be Mercenary Post(!) and really want to see the redesign Frigost island. 
I was very interested to know more about the history of Count Harebourg 
and I hope in the new year we will see him again. Indeed, in the quest there was a hint that we can work with him together. (ToT mentioned that Count Hareburg was officially dead along with the destruction of the Oropo dimension)

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

It was an interesting quest. Thank you so much!!!
I really liked the staged game videos. It was fun to watch the attack on the Brakmar fear

On this positive note, I congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year. May the Krosmoz world surprise us happy
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Indeed, the new island, Pandalucia is a great well well Wow done. So, the expectation on 2020, hmmm, the flourish of ecosystem first?

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I don’t know if this will be the first thing, because the community had concerns about this and the development itself (new eco system) is very voluminous.

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Where did they confirm Harebourg's demise?

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It was a QnA, tot confirmed Harebourg had died when he was frozen by Lady Ecko at the end of the OVAs and that when we see him on the bottom floor of the brotherhood tower in season 3 he is already dead. 

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There have been good updates recently, specially Sadida Kingdom and the chest thing, but they seem to still be blind/don't want to accept the fact that the game lacks players, the game need a server merge, the Enchantment only made Wakfu a part-time job which made many players quit, the Character Customization rework was a joke, players want to play the game but the game doesn't seem to want to be played in many cases.

The main problems of the game must be solved before continuing, the last thing that the game needs is more content that is going to be left in a corner to accumulate Dust (politics, enviroment (yes, I know they want to improve this aspect but no real info has been given tbh), Battle fields, the interface to search parties, HWs, and many other things).

My advice for Ankama for 2020 would be: Take a moment to fix the base game, be OPEN to listen to the community (not only when you need feedback on the next update) and take your time to improve. You can't continue ignoring the holes and issues that the game have.

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I completely agree with you. thanks for the comment. the game needs people, yes. I wrote about this, for example, ankama can make a reward for those teams that consist of real people, and not just heroes.

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