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Question about breaking down gear

By Ansalem - MEMBER - December 02, 2019, 18:34:32

Basically, I'm wondering how to read what it's telling me. So for example, when I hover over a larva chestpiece it says 0.21 x shards. But you can't have 0.21 of a shard, so does it remember and you'll get a shard after you break down enough or do you just get 0 or is it a chance of getting a shard?

It isn't very clear how I should proceed based on what it says. Although for this low level stuff I'm not that concerned about it, of course.

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It's a 21% chance to get a shard, but for example if you break 5 of them at once you will be guaranteed 1 shard and a 5% chance to get another one

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Ok, cool, that makes sense. Thanks.

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