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How is the number of Players in Remmington ?!

By Foorbiden - MEMBER - November 15, 2019, 10:26:33

Hi, I have been thinking about playing Wakfu again, I stopped in 2017 and started playing in Closed Beta on 2012/2013 if my memory is right ...

I would like to know how Remmington (international) server is doing and if there is any way to know how many players are online right now? Is there any command for this? Does ankama publish the list of players on?

It could be something to implement, what do you think?

I wouldnt want to waste my precious time playing a game that has no players, so I was wondering how the game is going on the international server.

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dead like every other server. A handful of players here and there. I wonder how they keep up the servers for this game. Probably with dofus money

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The French and Hispanic servers are doing good, in fact the Hispanic server is growing in population idk why

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Its fine but can feel lonely without a good guild, regardless youll be hard pressed to find an area that has zero players in it

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Remington has 40 players and 30 of them are controlled by 1 person

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i mean its not amaizing but its not horrible eather.

could be better sure but its pretty ok. (ankama by the by howz bout a ad campaign or something i saw you guys try that during wakfu series season 3 launch period but only one you deceded to sponsor was actually good at it rest just did videos doing incarmn.. There are literal truck loads of people that you could use in marketing)

if you build it they come is not accurate they only come if they know it exists.

soz ankamas lack of utilising marketing and market research just makes me mad,sad, and disappointed. This is honestly one of the best mmo:s and the fact that people Still  play this after all of theese years is a testament to its entertainment value!

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Let's face it, WAKFU is a niche game(Tactics combat) in a niche genre(MMO). Doesn't help that Ankama effectively split the audience in half with WAKFU and DOFUS. I doubt marketing would help much.

Being niche has its pros though, it basically ensures that this game in sort of a limbo population-wise. There's no other game like it (other than DOFUS) so a certain amount of people would always go back.

The gaming industry changed. Instant gratification's king making MMOs a dying breed. WoW still being the most popular MMO's a testament that MMOs as a genre has not innovated and are mostly held by legacy/history and nostalgia.

To answer OP's question, the server population's fine . Aside from astrub center/Temple/Kelba, maybe you'd get one player in an area? I made many friends by just approaching people in the area that I'm on.

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Tbh I think Remington has the most active community out of all servers. But other server(s) might have more players.

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French servers are said to be active. International servers are as dead as the dead.

Ankama has excellent gaming design and art skills, but the gaming experience is so poor...

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Everyone is waiting for a server merge but at this point I personally think it's too late. Half have already jumped ship due to low population and the other due to their gear becoming trash after the 1.64 update. Merging the servers at this point would just bring the population back to what Remington used to be a few years ago.

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