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Guild Name Limitations

By hiseldisel - MEMBER - November 04, 2019, 09:33:52

Recently tried to rename my guild and realised, that "Smisse" can't be used in the name.

I can understand that after checking the ToS. The ToS says to this at 4.2.2:
"Account names, nicknames, character nicknames, guild names and team names, as a minimum, must: not resemble or imitate the names of characters from the Games' universe or from any of the Company's other creations (non-player characters, heroes of the story, etc.);"
But the limitations aren't clear at all. I tried to use "Shushu" as a substitute, because I want the guild to have some link to Smisse, but that didn't work either.

Victus and Kelba work for the guild name (and probably many other wakfu related creations) and I understand why Smisse doesn't work, but Shushu? When you create a guild you have 2 Shushu eyes as an option for your guild symbol, isn't it strange that you can't name it "Shushu Something Something"?

Imagine you take the Dofus Logo and can't name the Guild "Dofus Hunters" or something. I think this is unneeded restriction for the creativity of the community. What would be the danger for Ankama, if you can use Shushu in your Guild name, that wouldn't be the case with Kelba?

My guild wanted to roleplay inside the guild as the Smisse pirate group in the chillberg books, but no alternative to Smisse we came up with sounds even close to as good. I find it weird that a joke-name of Will Smith's family name is protected that heavily in the first place.

I already wrote a Ticket to the Support and it was "resolved", but it just says the suggestion was forwarded to the development team. This way I won't know if my suggestion gets shut down or accepted, when it happens. Another reason I open this Topic is hoping, that any of the mods show up and provide a list of names that can't be used in your guild. That way people could check if their name works, before they buy a Guild-Name-Change like me. I couldn't find a List online or in the ToS.

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This is a solid concern to bring attention to. I agree that Ankama/Support should at least provide a list of prohibited names in addition to a justification for why as players, we cannot use names inspired by Ankama game content. Especially, as you've pointed, for guild leaders that purchase Guild-Name-Change only to find out that they cannot name their guild the name they want. In general, this is simply a disappointing situation to be in!

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that is odd you cant use shushu we have a guild on the nox server that is named the order of the shushu its listed on the guild board and ive seen a few of the members walking around. 

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I tried using Shushu, gave me the "invalid name" feedback. Either Shushu isn't allowed or "Corporation". But why would Corporation be forbidden, if Company works too? That's exactly why we need to know what the filter restricts. I don't have the money to buy several name-changes to test each name x)

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I might be wrong about that, cos I never created a guild or change it's name. So correct me if needed.
But u play on remi, and we have  like tons of guilds on guild ladder, dont u think that name u wanted might be taken by other guild and that's why it shows you it's invalid? Bc I at least saw 3 guilds with Shushu in their name, so for me it's kinda odd.

I found it much likely that per 11.070 guilds someone could think about Shushu Corporation or Dofus Hunters
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Didn't try Dofus Hunters, was just an example about giving us a logo but forbidding associated names with it. My Guild name is made up of 3 words, so would be surprised if that's taken.

If you want to use a name, that's already taken, the error message is: "This Name already exists."

If your name isn't allowed, you get: "Invalid Name."

Got the later with Shushu.

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Back then I had the same problem when attemping to name mine "Ecaflip Community". Looks like some "keywords" are restricted from being used.

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