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For new comers and beginners but experts come join in on it to :)

By XxDeadsxX - MEMBER - October 25, 2019, 22:24:14

Whats going on Wakfu players? got nobody to play with? well add me and join my upcoming guild that will be coming out soon. I'm also becoming a content creator for Wakfu to help out the new players who come into the game to get a idea of how the game is played. There will be guides, progression videos , pvp , pve and much more in the future. I'm no expert but will hopefully build up one day with the community. My you tube channel is Dead Hollow and i play on Nox servers check it out, i'am open to any tips you guys have for me to become better.

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Good luck have fun!

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New guild in Nox! Good luck with that.

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