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My friend bought the game because Healing sublimation does not work

By Saylun9 - MEMBER - October 23, 2019, 19:50:36

Greetings. My friend spent a lot of time, nerves and strength to get this sublimation. 
Is the logic correct?
if Sacrier with 22 000 HP using it 1 times so + 2200 HP right? 
10*22 000/100 = 2200

my friend used this sublimation three times but did not receive+6600 HP (2200+2200+2200)!
max stacking is 3
but he got much less HP with using it 3. Please say that the developers know about this error and correct it. I really want to play with a friend
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That's not how that sublimation works. The +10% to HP is added to your %HP bonus from your intelligence stats. So if you have for example +160%HP there, then with 3x Healing sublimation that becomes +190%HP

It says in the description itself "Bonus on HP modifier".

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Rozie summed it up but to give an image

The healing sublimation effects this stat
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I understand! Thank you so much guys. I will give him this information

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If you have 40 points into % hp you get a buff of +160%hp i.e 260% hp, with 3 healing subs this becomes 290% which is an 11.5% increase to your hp. So roughly 1/3 of what your friend wouldve expected. 

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