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Is the game P2P now?

By Rusbo - MEMBER - October 18, 2019, 18:12:59

I mean, when I played Wakfu last year I don't remember it having a Premium system that unlocked new areas for the players that PAY.

This thing of "If you pay you get more access to new areas AND other bonuses" was always a thing?
And: Is the game a lot limited for F2P players? Or can I get through the whole game without paying a cent?

Thanks <3

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well the new map is usually reserved for players that pay but since new maps tend to be 200lv anyways the need to go there before 200 is well limited and since the old map is relesed to all players after next one comes out its not really an issue

altho i think they forgot to do it this patch since pandalucia is open for all players while earlier map zinit is still locked dunno whats the deal with that but its a good decision as far im concerned since pandaucia is pretty kickass

yes, you can play the game without paying a cent theres just basically the wait for newer content to be released to non paying ones, but why on earth wouldn't you support a game if youre playing it a lot ? expecting to get years and years worth of content for free is pretty entitled but ok oO

also premium has been there since day one it used to be called subscription and changed to premium after they ditched the pay to play mechanics.

tl:dr it is free to play and one of the fairest ones out there.

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Thanks a lot <3 

It's not that I don't want to pay, I really love the game and I think it's worth the money.
I just wanted to know how much of preparation I'd need before paying.

The coin conversion can be a little rough for the country where I live in, so sometimes it can be a little expensive.

Thank yooooou

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ow no worries btw you can get the premium thing with the in-game currency too theres an Dofus like ogrine conversion thingymabob in the in-game shop just tap the conversion stone menu to see it

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Also depend on your server, on some the population is so low that you may need to buy heroes to actually be able to do duns. In my case, the game is P2P.

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